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Sri Vithal Temple

The enchanting land of Goa is dotted with many superb attractions which pull scores of tourists towards them. The magnificent temples of Goa are of great importance, and are frequented by numerous ardent devotees. The Sri Vithal Temple is one of the famous temples in Goa. It is situated near the Valvanta River and is the favourite temple among most tourists.

The Sri Vithal Temple was constructed by the predecessors of the Rana family. It is believed that this family has its roots in the city of Udaipur. It shifted to Goa about 600 years ago. The temple is situated in Sanquelim. This wonderful temple is dedicated to Lord Vithal. Common faith follows that this deity is a form of the revered Lord Krishna.

This temple has been renovated several times. The temple reflects the North Indian style of structural design. Only the outer part of the temple was renovated. The interior of the temple was kept as it is. No changes were made in the interior. You will find a charming chariot here. This chariot is made out of wood and is very appealing to the eyes. This chariot depicts the chariot in the Mahabharata. It is believed to be the chariot of the famed Arjuna, a legendary character of the Mahabharata. This chariot was the vehicle of Krishna and draws many of the people towards the temple.

The Sri Vithal Temple is renowned for the various festivals. These festivals are celebrated with much pomp and splendour. All of the devotees gather together and soak in the festive spirit. All the ardent pilgrims worship the deity and make various offerings like flowers etc. Chaitra Purnima is the primary festival that is carried out here. The celebrations begin nine days prior to the festival.

The Sri Vithal Temple is easily accessible. You can reach the temple by the local means of transport or make use of private transport. Make sure that you visit the temple when enjoying a stay in Goa. This temple will surely give you a wonderful spiritual experience.

Last Updated On: 2011/07/01