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Waterfalls and Springs In & Around Goa

Watching a cascading Waterfall down the hills and feeling one with the spring water are not something alien in Goa. If Beaches leave you with some vacuum to discover more the Waterfalls and Springs in Goa will fill your heart to the brim.

Eminent Waterfalls and Springs In & Around Goa

Kuskem Waterfall finds you on your way to Cotigao Wildlife Sanctuary, Goa. Monsoon being the ideal time to see the waterfall at its flowing best, Canacona district in Goa experiences a major influx of tourists at that time. Although Goa's Kuskem Waterfall has not got the commercial attention, yet it deserves watchful attention. Named after the village Kuskem, the spectacle you behold by standing in front of this naturally formed waterfall is more than satiating.

Arvalem Waterfall is blessed with an excellent view as you see the water roaring down from an elevation of 50 mtrs. Just 2 kms away from the small town of Sanquelim in North Goa, the waterfall imbibes within you a refreshing energy, which is far more inviting. While visiting The Temple of Rudreshwar located nearby, you are taken for surprise at the sight of this beautiful fall. The fall forms quite a big lake where you are tempted to try out your swimming skills. The green aura surrounding this waterfall in Goa and its closeness to serenity makes it a popular choice.

Dudh Sagar Waterfall on The Londa-Madgaon Railway Route takes the cake when you talk about scope for spectacular scenic views in Goa. This cascading fall reaches the peak of its glamour during the monsoon when you find yourself in front of one of the most powerful falls existing in India. With Mandovi River in its constant touch, the Waterfall finds its place as India's 5th Tallest Waterfall. Dudh Sagar is 60 kms from Panaji.

Kesarval Spring is within easy reach from Panaji. Located on Verna Plateau, Kesarval Spring is a naturally formed Spring, which emerges out of hard and compact rocks. Your trip to this wonderful specimen of natural beauty will also take you close to ancient history when people used to take bath here owing to the medicinal properties the spring had. While spending monsoon in Goa, come to this recluse location encompassed by Tropical Forests and Betel Palms.

Boca De Vaca Spring is one of the unique Springs you get to see in Goa. Situated close to The Mahalaxmi Temple, Boa De Vaca is a Portuguese remnant glowing with soft light. The Transparent Floor makes it look even more beautiful as you see the spring water flowing under you. Background music on the site makes it a nice place to hang out. Not much different from its past reputation of having medicinal properties, this spring in Goa is still used by the Panaji residents as a source of drinking water.

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