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Wildlife Sanctuaries In & Around Goa

If you are looking for variety in Goa add Wildlife Sanctuaries to your tour itinerary. Wildlife Sanctuaries in and around Goa go one step further in ensuring that you get to feel the wild side of this coastal state. From Evergreen Forests to Mangrove Swamps and Sloth Bears to Migratory Birds, Wildlife Sanctuaries in Goa comes with a wholesome package for the ones passionate about nature's wilderness. Your trip to Goa gets a heightened success as you are caught unaware by the untamed destinations and the fauna that thrives there. Goa has many Wildlife Sanctuaries, which can afford wild or fun filled times for the tourists.

Eminent Wildlife Sanctuaries In & Around Goa

Bhagwan Mahavir Sanctuary is a gifted place located at the foothills of the Western Ghats. Molem Village in Goa is a proud owner of this Wildlife Sanctuary where enthusiasts come in groups throughout the year. Starting from the Dangerous Doles to the Wild Dogs and Preying Panthers to Migratory Birds, Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary in Goa has every element to satiate you. Goa Tourism Development Corporation has made this place more accessible and habitable for the Wildlife Lovers.

Netravali Wildlife Sanctuary is a one-stop destination for those in search of Black Panther and Giant Squirrels. Located 65 Kms away from the Dabolim Airport this sanctuary in Eastern Goa is linked with Madei Wildlife Sanctuary. With 211 Sq. Km Area of moist-deciduous forest, you find the unexplored facet of Goa. Staying in the forest rest houses run by the Goa Tourism Department Corporation (GTDC) is an experience of sorts.

Cotigao Wildlife Sanctuary is another treasure trove in Goa located 60 Kms south of Panaji. Noted as Goa's Second Largest Wildlife Reserve, Cotigao Wildlife Sanctuary may not be the place to see wild animals prowling but you get to see something different. Sloth Bears, Laughing Hyenas and Indian Bisons are a part of the omunity along with Monkeys and the Malabar Crested Eagle. Find yourself walking in the woods and enjoying the silence that descends on this sanctuary.

Madei Wildlife Sanctuary is the Sattari Sub-District of North Goa bears testimony to Goa's Wildlife Reserves. Perched close to Netravali Wildlife Sanctuary, this huge area shares the maximum space in the state's north-eastern zones. It is not a myth that says Tigers are spotted here in evergreen forests. This protected place has attained much popularity owing to its rich preservation mechanism and its connectivity with The Sawantwadi Forests in the border state of Maharashtra.

Mandovi-Zuari Wildlife Sanctuary is Goa's most visited sanctuary and that is not without reason. The vast stretch of Mangrove Ecosystem is a rich example of the state's treasure. Like other Wildlife Sanctuaries in Goa, Mandovi-Zuari attends to a host of species. You can spot the rare Kandelia Candel Species along with a wide range of Birds, Snakes, Jackals and Crocodiles.

Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary on western extreme of The Chorao Island is where Mangrove Forests look worth exploring in the presence of species like mudskipper and black drongo. Named after an Indian ornithologist, the sanctuary is a nice escapade into wilderness.

Bondla Wildlife Sanctuary in Usgao Tisk Village in North Goa is best visited from October to March. This Smallest Wildlife Reserve in Goa provides shelter to Indian Bison, Peacocks, Deer and Reptiles. Try out the Elephant Rides and take a trip to the Botanical Garden, Rose Garden and a small Deer Park. Opt for Deer Safari in The Deer Park visit the Nature Education Center. Birdwatchers will have a time of their life.

Last Updated On: 2011/07/04