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Bondla Wildlife Sanctuary

To the north of Goa lies the smallest wildlife sanctuary in Goa, the Bondla Wildlife Sanctuary which is spread over an area of about 8 kilometres. The sanctuary is about 50 kilometres from Panaji, 38 km from Margao and 20km from Ponda, and since it is well connected via the roads it's best to take a bus or taxi to the Bondla Wildlife Sanctuary. The sanctuary is run by the forest department and has cottages there which can be booked in advanced. The GTDC or goa tourism development corporation runs this wild life resort and the cottages here have only the basic amenities but are very well maintained.

The best season to visit Bondla Wildlife Sanctuary is from October to March which is the peak tourist season. Bondla is located at the foothills of lush green hills making it a very scenic spot. The sanctuary has a deer park, a botanical garden, a rose garden and a zoo and is a very famous and popular spot for local school picnics. The deer safari in the deer park is a great option for the tourists and this could be followed by a visit to the zoo.

Since the circumference of Bondla Wildlife Sanctuary is only 8kms it is possible to cover the entire sanctuary in a day and if you go in the right season you will get to see a lot of wild life. The main wild life here is the Indian sambar, Indian bison, peacocks and many species of snakes. Towards the forest on rare occasions jackals, leopards, gaur, wild boar and the black faced langur have also been seen. The Bondla Wildlife Sanctuary has many species of deer and the elephant rides here are famous with both big and small.

The zoo at the sanctuary houses many injured animals like bears, leopards and deer; it is at this zoo that they have snake charmers and dancing bears. The sanctuary is popular as a wildlife resort and it is interesting to spend a night here provided you book your cottage in advance. The restaurant at the sanctuary provides excellent food. There are two elephants at Bondla and these give the visitors rides. On their day off, visitors can see them taking mud baths.

A small nature education centre has been set up here at Bondla and this does some amazing research due to the natural forest and animals they have a lot to work on. The sanctuary is house to many species of birds making it an ideal spot for bird watchers and the surrounding forest has many medicinal and rare herbs. The rare speciality of this sanctuary is the many species of colourful butterflies; it is indeed amazing to watch so many different colours come alive at one time. Bondla may be one of the smallest wildlife sanctuaries but it is worth a visit due to its rich flora and fauna.

Last Updated On: 2011/07/04