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Heritage tours of Goa

Goa is a place not only for enthusiasts for adventure and fun, but also for lovers of heritage and culture. Heritage tours of Goa help you to visit the old churches, temples, forts and other monuments. Apart from savouring the picturesque beauty of beaches in Goa, you should also visit the magnificent churches like Basilica of Bom Jesus, Se Cathedral, The Church And Convent Of St. Monica, The Church of St. Francis Xavier, etc. the majestic temples of Goa, its forts and other colonial structures, which together could be a part of the heritage tours of Goa.

The churches in Goa are the legacies of Portuguese colonization and they reflect the European style of architecture. These churches are not only religious but also historical and architectural. Heritage tours to Goa during some festival time would help you enjoy the architecturally brilliant churches and understand the rich Anglo Indian heritage.

Planning for a heritage tour of Goa would make you enjoy the architectural beauty of Hindu temples in the state. These temples are based around some Hindu deities. Some of the Hindu temples include Shri Bagavati temple, Shri damodar temple, Bramha temple, Shri Mahalaxmi temple, Shri Mallikarjun temple, Shri Ramnath temple and much more.

There are several other places in Goa which are rich in culture and heritage. The museums in Goa are worth a visit and hence you can include them in your heritage tour to Goa. The museums in Goa are treasure houses of Goan history. The archeological museum in Goa contains a good collection of old coins, paintings, and sculptures and so on. You can also view the fortress walls, monasteries, etc. The rare piece of collection in this museum is the couple of beautiful Jain bronzes that was rescued from the smugglers.

Museum of Goa is another place to visit. You can see the sculpture collection from various Hindu dynasties that once ruled Goa. Some rare collections like furniture, art objects, ivory statues, etc. demonstrate the Portuguese influence across the state.

The forts and palaces in Goa are another worth to visit places and so include them in your heritage to Goa. Aquada Fort is an important monument where you can also see the lighthouse inside. The fort was built by Portuguese and so it stands as remains of Portuguese architecture. Now the fort houses the central jail. Chopara Fort was built by Portuguese and was made up of red laterite. You can see two tunnels which provided the routes for besieged defenders once. Reis Magos Fort is situated on the bank of river Mandovi. It was built by Portuguese to guard the entrance of Goa at the narrowest part of Mandovi River.

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