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Religious tours of Goa

Goa is not only a place for enthusiasts and adventure freaks. It is also a place for lovers of divinity and seekers of spiritual solace. Religious tours of Goa allows you visit the old churches and famous Hindu temples in the State.

The old churches in Goa were built by Portuguese and so they reflect the European style of architecture. These churches stand as remains of colonization of Portuguese in Goa. A religious tour to Goa can take you to all the ancient churches here. St. Cathedral in Old Goa is the largest Church in the state. The building style is Portuguese-Gothic with Tuscan exterior and Corinthian interior. The paintings on the walls of this church depict the life and martyrdom of St. Cathedral.

St. Francis church is another interest place to visit. It contains fantastic wood works and wall paintings which portray the life of St. Francis. The floor is made of carved grave stones. The Basilica of Born Jesus is a renowned church contains the body of St. Francis. It is a two storey building covered with lime plaster. There is a modern art gallery attached to this church at present.

Religious tours of Goa takes you not only to the renowned churches but also to small beautiful churches in the state. The Church of Mae de Deus at Saligoa was built in 1873. The church is surrounded by beautiful scenery. The shrine of the statue of Mae de Deus (Mother of god) offers immense calm and serenity. This is a beautiful church stands as a symbol of Gothic style of architecture.

You can also arrange religious tour to Goa for visiting Hindu temples in the State. There are numerous temples in Goa which are based around some Hindu deities. Shri Bagawathi temple is one among the famous temples in Goa which is said to be more than 500 years old. Dusshera is the famous festival celebrated in this temple and nearly 25000 devotees assemble at the temple during the festive period.

Brahma temple is yet another famous temple devoted to the deity Brahma. It is one of the fewest temples dedicated to Lord Brahma in India. This shrine belongs to 5th century A.D. Shri Gopal ganapati temple is another place worth to visit. It is situated amidst natural surroundings. This temple is a great symbol of beautiful Indian architecture. Shri Datta mandir is an old temple devoted to the deity Dutta. Dutta jayanthi is the most famous festival celebrated here which falls in the month of December. It is believed that the deity can cure mental illness of many unsound people.

Apart from old churches and temples, mosques also have a unique place in Goa. Jama Masjid, Safa shahouri Masjid and Namazgarh are some of the famous mosques in Goa. Festivals are celebrated in these mosques with great rejoice and number of devotees attend the festivals.

Goa is an exact place of worship. Communal harmony flourishes well in Goa, and it has a large number of shrines for all religious communities. Most of the festivals are celebrated by all the people here irrespective of the religion. Your religious tours of Goa would therefore help you to understand the essential culture of Goa as you would explore the divine serenity of the holy places of Goa.

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