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Angling in Goa

Angling in Goa is one of the favorite recreational facilities for the people living in this city. Tourists from around the world visit this city to gather memories that would last for a lifetime. Waiting patiently in a boat, hoping to catch a big fish, with the limitless sea surrounding you from all sides is a stirring experience. Due to this fact, many tourists come repeatedly to enjoy this wonderful activity.

As Goa has a tropical climate, it is a perfect place for angling or fishing. The wonderful surroundings and a tranquil ambience make angling in Goa mesmerizing for locals as well as visitors. Angling is not alien to this city; for many people angling adds to their living. Tourists should try various forms of angling while in Goa.

Angling in the tidal rivers of Goa is an unforgettable family experience. As most of the fishing venues are low lying, the best time for fishing is before and at the peak of a high tide. Normally shrimps or sardine fish fillets are used as baits, which are easily available in the local markets. Tourists generally catch river fish like ladyfish or catfish; if they are lucky enough they can catch the local barramundi, which is much bigger than the river fishes.

Tourists can enjoy angling on the beaches, which is much is quieter than other types of angling in Goa. During angling on beaches, you can catch fish like rockfish, etc. which are about two pounds and good for light snacking. Stingrays, guitarfish, etc. can be caught from the beach itself. These fishes are heavy and weigh in double figures. This is short distance fishing and a medium feeder rod with ten-pound line is sufficient for the job. Shrimps and sardines are normally used as baits for beach angling.

If the tourists are looking for superior preys then they should go for boat fishing. Here are various organizations, which lend their boat to tourists who are interested in angling in Goa. Tourists can hire these boats with or without the equipments. A three-hour boat ride costs about ten pounds per person. Tourists can choose from two types of boat rides namely bottom fishing and trolling. Bottom riding is generally carried out in the rocky outcrops, along the shorelines. Rockfish and occasional snappers are generally caught during these expeditions.

The tourists who are interested in catching stingrays and grouper should head towards the deeper parts of the sea with heavier gears. The tourists have to tell the drivers in advance so that they take the according routes. Trolling is less productive when it comes to catching bigger fish. In trolling, salmon and barramundi are generally targeted. Angling in Goa is a rich experience, in which the feeling of achieving something will definitely do wonders to a stressed out mind.

The ideal season for angling in Goa is during the months of October to March. During this period, the water is bustling with a variety of fishes, and therefore it becomes easy to catch them. The surrounding atmosphere is also very pleasant, hence the tourists can have a gala time in Goa while angling around.

Last Updated On: 2011/07/04