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Parasailing in Goa

Parasailing is one of the thrilling water sports in Goa. Many tourists coming to Goa try this sport at least once in their lifetime. This is in fact an addictive sport which is why one can see the tourists unable to resist themselves from doing it more than once. Though this sport looks quite dangerous all the necessary precautions are taken before they send you soaring into the skies.

Parasailing in Goa is done in many ways, one is the winch boat parasailing and the other is the beach parasailing. Both methods of parasailing are same when it comes to take off, but differ in the landing methods. In winch boat parasailing you have to land inside the winch boat which is accompanying you. But in beach parasailing, the person has to land on the beach itself. This can be a little tricky on the part of the ground staff.

To start with, the person is attached with a harness which is attached with a long rope. The speed boat moves at a high speed lifting the person in air. The experience of soaring in the open skies like a bird is something not be missed. This recreational activity is famous amongst the people who want to fly in the air like a bird. In parasailing, the person is not in control of the parachute like in paragliding. Due to this fact, many tourists consider this sport as life threatening.

Therefore the people who are afraid of heights should never attempt parasailing in Goa. Many people try parasailing on the advice of their friends and end up panicking which creates a lot of problems. The tourist should take care of their own safety. Double checking the harness cord and other gears before taking off can release you of all tensions regarding the sport. Tourists should make sure that two people are riding in the speed boat. The driver alone is unable of driving and keeping an eye on you at the same time.

There are various beach stretches where you can try parasailing in Goa. Many government and non government organizations organize training sessions for the tourists at affordable rates. The tourists interested in learning these sports can contact these institutions for training. By undergoing some training you will feel confident to try the various water sports in Goa.

Beaches the Anjuna beach, Baga beach, Dona Paula beach, Majorda beach, etc are excellent places to try parasailing in Goa. The hotels like Taj Resort and Bogmallo Resort provide all the necessary equipments for this thrilling sport. The accommodating tourists are provided with training sessions by the resorts. The beaches of these resorts act as excellent launch pads of this sport. Therefore the tourists staying at one of these resorts should not miss this enthralling sport for anything.

The tourists, who are coming to Goa, should try to undertake parasailing as it will give you a sense of freedom. The experience you have during a parasailing session is something to look forward to in your trip to Goa. Therefore all the tourists who are indulging in parasailing in Goa will have a gala time.

Last Updated On: 2011/07/04