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Water Skiing in Goa

Water skiing in Goa is catching up rage now days. A rather new sport to the Indian crowd, this sport is commonly popular amongst the tourists. Water skiing is a little different from snow skiing as here you are attached with a boat, which pulls you at a high speed. Tourists can experience a large amount of adventure and fun that comes from water skiing in Goa.

Water skiing in Goa involves high safety standards with a low risk factor; this is probably one of the main reasons why this sport is so popular with the tourists. In fact, it is much more thrilling than snow skiing itself. Unlike in snow skiing, one cannot use his hands to control his speed in water. The water skier is tied with a long towrope, which is attached to a speedboat. The skiing board helps the skier to traverse the waves easily. The thin skiing board and the rope are the only things that keeps the person afloat; this fact makes water skiing much more challenging and thrilling than snow skiing.

The only way a person can stop its session is by leaving the towrope and falling in the water. Hence, it is essential for a skier to have the knowledge of swimming. Besides this, he should have a sound health and strong will. The beginners who are interested in water skiing in Goa should try it out on land. This gives the brief idea of how to maintain the balance on the sea.

Various beach resorts like Fort Aguda, etc provide all the necessary equipments that are required for skiing on water. These resorts also provide its clients with all the necessary training for this sport. Water skiing in Goa can be a little dangerous, but if all the necessary precautions are taken, harmful consequences can be averted.

Though all the beaches of Goa are good for water skiing, beaches like the Dona Paula beach, Condolim beach, Cavelossim beach, etc. are regarded as best amongst them. The conditions prevailing on these beaches attract a number of tourists from around the world. Professional water skiers perform various stunts, which are worth watching. Water skiing in Goa is a major tourist activity for the people coming here for a holiday. Local as well as international tourists indulge in this sport as it provides good exercise for your muscles and a relaxing experience for your soul. This activity helps the tourists to unwind from the turmoil of their stressful lives. Therefore, the tourists who are in search of a thrilling but relaxing activity should try water skiing in Goa during their trip.

Last Updated On: 2011/07/04