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Wind Surfing in Goa

Wind surfing in Goa is as usual as palms fronds. All the tourists coming to Goa try this sport at least once in their itinerary. The idea of combating the powerful waves of the sea with the help of a small board surely attracts the attention of adventure seekers. In fact, an Englishman introduced winding surfing in Goa.

In the early 70s, when John Lucas visited Goa to seek some spiritual peace, he fell in love with this coastal paradise and its tranquil beaches. He revisited this place but this time he brought with him a sailboard; his prized possession. John Lucas was a professional wind surfer. He started riding the strong waves of the Arabian Sea the moment he set his foot on the beach. His talents were appreciated by many other young travelers who walked on his path to make wind surfing in Goa a wide spread craze.

Many westerners as well as local travelers indulge in wind surfing in Goa. Wind surfing is a little different from water skiing. It is a unique combination of surfing and sailing. To indulge in this sport, the wind surfers should be prepared to swim in a rough sea. His physical health should be sound, as a lot of strength and balance goes into surfing on the strong currents.

It is necessary for every surfer to know the basics of surfing, as inadequate knowledge can lead to harmful consequences. All that the surfer has to do is maintain his balance on the changing water currents. As the surfboard is attached with sail, even a small change in wind currents can change the directions. To obtain the desired balance and direction, the surfer has to maneuver by shifting his feet back and forward. During strong winds, the wind surfer needs to modify his weight by leaning either to the left or the right. To extract utmost fun from windsurfing one has to learn the techniques of taming, mastering and harmonizing the erratic forces of the wind and water. To provide its tourists with an exhilarating experience of wind surfing in Goa, many hotels provide the necessary equipments necessary for this sport. The sailboard, which is the main part of wind surfing, is available in small 2 meter size to the 4.7 meter type. The tourists who are interested in learning the art of wind surfing can also approach the various training institutions in Goa, which imparts training in this water sport. Some of the major training institutes in Goa are Dominic Water Sport, located on the Sinquerium beach, Goa Yachting Association, and the National Institute of Water Sports, etc. Some resorts like the Fort Aguada and the Leela Palace, Goa offer world class training for this sport.

The Dona Paula beach is considered as one of the best beaches for wind surfing in Goa. This beach is the perfect place for the beginners to practice their talents. The gentle prevailing winds and the still waters make mornings the ideal time for beginners to polish their skills. As the sun climbs up in the sky, the winds grow stronger, converting this beach into an arcade, where experienced surfers can compete with each other.

Therefore, the tourists who want a taste of adventure in their trip should try wind surfing in Goa. This sport will satisfy all your demands for thrill.

Last Updated On: 2011/07/04