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Costumes of Gujarat

Gujarat is land of diverse cultures and a large number of folk dances exist here. For precisely this reason, Gujarat has a lot of costumes, which are relevant for various occasions. Many of the costumes of Gujarat are specially designed for each occasion and are heavily embroidered.

Navaratri is the most famous and the most liked festival in Gujarat. It is also a very colourful festival. During the dance of Navratri, traditionally men wear kedia and women wear ghaghra cholee. Kedia comes with tight sleeves and pleated frills at the waist. Gauri Puja, Nag Panchami, Janmashthami, and Ganesh Chaturthi are other important festivals of the state. Most of the festivals of Gujarat are celebrated by women, and they provide the perfect opportunity for them to showcase the colourful costumes of Gujarat.

Generally the men in Gujarat wear dhoti, along with a long or a short coat and turban. But nowadays, the pants are becoming common instead of dhoti. The main dresses for women in Gujarat are sari and blouse. They have a particular style of wearing these sarees. The conventional dress code for the Parsi women in Gujarat is very similar to that worn by the Hindu women. The only difference between the Parsi dresses and the Hindu dresses is that the Parsi women wear long sleeved blouses and a scarf on the head. However, the trend of wearing salwar kameez among the Gujarati women is also catching up fast. The western attire is also becoming fast fashionable among the younger generation of Gujarat in great numbers.

Gujarati women are also fond of bindi, and they are preferred by both married and unmarried women. Generally, the colour of the bindi matches the colour of the outfits worn. Married Gujarati women wear red bindi on their forhead. Mangal sutra is also adorned by most married Gujarati ladies, as are necklaces, earring and bangles. During marriage ceremonies, Gujarati women are fond of wearing their jewelry, and the bride gets virtually bedecked in jewelry. Among the Hindu Gujarati males, wearing a gold chain or a ring is fairly common. Traditional men folk of Gujarat also wear embroidered caps and colourful turbans.

Last Updated On: 2011/07/04