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Places To Visit In Dwarka

As a city that is result of archeological excavations there are plenty of places to see in Dwarka. It is the city where Lord Krishna established his kingdom to spread peace and happiness and purge the world of all things evil. Among the mojor places to visit in Dwarka The Jagat Mandir is the most important one. Then there are some other Dwarka tourist attractions such as the Sharada Peetha and Bet Dawrka.

Dwarka sightseeing also takes the visitors to The Nageshwar Mahadev. As per Indian scriptures, the Puranas, this shrine is one of the 12 columns of light that represent the destroyer of all creation in Indian pantheon, Lord Shiva. It is highly revered by all devotees. Bet Dwarka, known also as Bet Shankhoddar was the residence of Shri Krishna when his father was the king.

Among the places to see in Dwarka is the Jagat Mandir. It is also known as the temple of Dwarkadhish or the king of Dwarka. It is supposed to have been constructed some 14 centuries ago. It is a fantastic temple and attracts lots of pilgrims every year. The Sharada Peetha was set up by Shankaracharya and is one of the four similar mathas established by this major Indian religious figure.

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