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Cuisine of Gujarat

The cuisines of Gujarat are some of the most famous and popular cuisines of India. Predominantly vegetarian, the typical Gujarati thali consists of daal, roti (flat roasted bread of wheat flour) and kadhi(a sumptuous curry of yoghurt and fried puffs, spruced up with spices and cut vegetables), some vegetable dish and rice. The vegetarian food served in an average Gujarati thali is energy efficient, environment friendly and highly nutritious. The main part of the Gujarati cuisine is that the food tends to be a bit sweeter than in other parts of India. It is very common to add sugar or jaggery in nearly all dishes of Gujarat, which gives them the sweet sensation. Ghee is also administered in Gujarati meals in liberal dosage, and spices of course, are essential ingredients of a Gujarati meal.

However, the use of spices differs in Gujarat. In north Gujarat, red chili powder is used in the households, whereas the households in south Gujarat use green chili or coriander. The Jains of Gujarat do not take garlic and onions, and thus their thali would taste differently than an average Gujarati thali. Most of the Gujaratis prefer cooking with peanut oil.

The staple diet of Gujarat includes salad, homemade pickles, khichadi (a type cuisine based on rice and lentil), and chhas (buttermilk). It is common in many Gujarati households to drink chhas after lunch or dinner. Sev Mamra, sev ganthia and dhokla are other delicacies of Gujarat. Here it deserves a mention that in Gujarat bread takes various forms. They include bhakhri, thepla, puri, maal purah and puran-pohli.

Bhakhris are made of bajra or corn flour, and are eaten with garlic chutneys, slices of onions and lots of buttermilk. It is high protein, but at the same time is easily digestible. The food is mainly the staple food for the poor people in Gujarat because it is very cheap, and yet is the prime source of heat amidst bitter cold. It also supplies enough heat for the villagers who work on the field for the whole day.

The Gujaratis have a thing for sweets, and cuisines of Gujarat have a predominance of sweets. Many Gujaratis prefer to round-up their meals with fruit dishes or just desserts. Srikhand is an important dessert of Gujarat. It is a yoghurt, spruced with nuts and fruits. The concoction is delightful to say the least.

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