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Handicrafts of Gujarat

Gujarat is a land of rich historical mosaic and cultural tapestry. Its rich and vibrant culture is also reflected in its exotic handicrafts. The handicrafts of Gujarat and its textiles reflect their passion for colours, eye for every detail and also the personality of the artists. The state has already made its mark in the textile industry by the most varied and excellent quality of traditional and modern garments. Its textiles have been recognized around the world. The Rogan and the Zari prints of Gujarat are matchless in terms of style and quality.

The exquisite tradition of the handicrafts of Gujarat can be more appropriately explained through the intricate weaving of the Patola silk sarees. These sarees are known for their bright colours and geometrical designs; designs which are woven with folk motifs. The distinguishing feature of Patola sarees is that the yarn is dyed in bright colours and delicate designs are worked out before weaving them. Today, there are only a few weavers from Patan and Surat who can weave authentic Patola sarees. That is the main reason for the sky rocketing price tags of these sarees. A Patola sari takes about 4-6 months to create, depending upon the complications involved in the design.

The history of the zari or gold embroidery industry of Surat, dates back to the era of Mughals. Presently Surat is one of the biggest zari manufacturing centres in the world. Zari threads in gold and silver, evening bags, ornate embroidery for decorative borders are the major zari works produced. Tanchhoi or silk brocade is another singular specialty of Surat artisans. Bandhani works in silk and cotton, interwoven with traditional motifs, is another feature of the handicrafts of Gujarat.

One of the most popular handicrafts of Gujarat is the hand-painted cloth that is tailored to make the bed sheets, wall hangings, table cloth, etc. These products have mythological motifs on them. The Vaghari Harijans of Ahmedabad are known for the curtains they produce which are then put up in the temples. The curtains depict Gods and Goddesses and other legends from the Puranas. Wood works and lacquer work furniture of Gujarat are also exquisite and deserve to be cherished mementos. Succinctly, the handicrafts of Gujarat showcase some wonderful and timeless traditions of the country.

Last Updated On: 2011/07/04