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Museums in Gujarat

Along with the Jewel of west, Gujarat can also be called as the state of museums. The administration of Gujarat has set up a detached section to maintain and care for the museums in the state. You can find archeology, art, science and an artistic sagacity in the possessions kept in the museum. Some of the most famous museums in Gujarat reside in Bhavnagar, Amreli, Vadodara, Ahmedabad, Junagadh, Bhuj, Prabhas-Patan, Rajkot, Dharampur, Surat, Jamnagar and many other cities. The places offer a great opportunity to students and populace to explore the rich past and general life in Gujarat. The administrative department for maintenance is based in the Museum and Picture Gallery of Vadodara. The gallery is one of the most famous museums in Gujarat. It serves as a center of all the radiating activities of the state.

The Vadodara Museum located at Sayaji Bagh in Vadodara has anthology of art works. The paintings of Mughal times and a conglomeration of European masterpieces can be viewed in this gallery. The museum beautifully demonstrates the assortments of Maharaja Sayaji Rao Gaekwad. The museum also consists of various Asian artworks of countries like Sri Lanka, Burma, Combodia, Japan and China. You can find a great variety in ivory, bronze, woods and pottery items.


Maharaja Fatehsingh Museum located in Vadodara is among the most famous museums in Gujarat. The museum rambles on the plains of bastions composite. An affluent collection of valuables of Gaekwad family is depicted in the museum. The museum also preserves an imperial collection of Raphael's European work, reveals of Greco-Roman, Japanese and Chinese art works and dazzling exhibits of Indians.

The Gandhi museum located in Bhavangar demonstrates the private remnants of Gandhiji. It flaunts the mails and credentials in a graceful way. The conglomeration of video and audio consist microfilms, entreaties, voice archives and proceedings of sermons. The place restores the noteworthy events of Gandhiji's life.

Among the important museums in Gujarat, Gandhi Smarak Sangrahalaya of Ahamdabad holds a significant position. The museum accommodates tomes, documents, and Xerox copies of letters and snaps of Gandhiji's with his consort Kasturba and other acquaintances. The Calico Museum of Textiles in Ahamdabad was set up in 1948. It is one of the leading museums in Gujarat. The museum consists of two separate composites. One of the buildings demonstrates the yard goods of pious connotation. The other one flaunts traditional attires, rugs, gazebos, and fabrics. The museum also depicts assortment in themes allied with Jainism and Vaishnavism, the two most wide-spread religions of India.

The utensils museum located in the suburbs of Ahamdabad gives a picturesque bucolic view to the visitors. An interior designer, Surendra Patel, established the museum few years ago. You can even relish pure Gujarati parish gastronomy at the place before roving through the museum. The museum demonstrates variety of Indian ethnic utensils.

All these museums in Gujarat give you a chance to peep in the great history, tradition, modernity and artistic nature of Gujarat.

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