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Beach Tours of Gujarat

Gujarat is the home to some of most tranquil and elegant beaches in India. The undulating trees of palm swinging with the melody of sea breeze can be viewed on the beautiful shores. This makes your beach tours of Gujarat extremely memorable. Varying consistency in sands and assortment in colors from grey to golden to silver on the coastlines of the state forms an enchanting view. Gujarat also offers alluring water sports on some of its exotic beaches. You can find spume topped wave breakers rumbling on the shores of Gujarat. The beaches also offer the pleasure to view the beautiful sun setting in the greenish blue Arabian waters. All these are the enchanting assets of the affluent coastal bequest of Gujarat.

Your beach tours of Gujarat can include some of the best beaches in this state. Ahmedpur Mandvi beach is at a distance of about 228 km from Ahamdabad. Athwart the conduit lies a marvelous island called as Diu. The place makes you feel that you are on a Mediterranean island. The white beach with blur waters is idyllic for freaking and is a perfect place to swim and surf. You can also have the pleasure of thundering water sports. Skiing boards, water scooters, surfboards, speedboats and Para sailing are offered on the shores of Diu.

The Chorwad beach, earlier served as an imperial retreat to the Junagadh Nawabs. The daunting Choward bastion and the exquisite span of beach near it make it the most place unique in your beach tours of Gujarat. The place is the only beach bastion resort of India.

Porbandar is located on the bank of Arabian Sea in Gujarat. The beaches at Porbandar offer splendid sunsets, trendy boulevards and luscious maritime foodstuffs in Bistros. Tourist chalets and inns serving along the sea façade also allure the populace. A beautiful beach at Porbandar called Chowpatty is popular among the people not finicky about the beaches.

The beautiful shrine of Somnath is most famous of the 12 jyotirlingas. The place is also called as Prabhas Patan and is located on ten bank of violent Arabian Sea. In the wake of Ahilwadi shrine, a magnificent beach of Somnath serves people with its pleasing sands. A gorgeous sea sight, colt and camel rides, coconut freezes and nibble stores are some of the enthralling features of this beach. The place is included in the religious as well as beach tours of Gujarat. A few kms from Somnath is Veraval. You can find extensive sea beaches with grey colored sand at the place. The place is perfect for the people yearning for wacky beaches.

The beach tours of Gujarat are incomplete without a visit to various beaches speckled around the dock town of Surat. Surat resides on the banks of beautiful river Tapi. It consists of a variety of beaches in its surroundings. Hajira (28 km) and Dumas (16 km) are one of the most famous beaches. Surat serves people with its exclusive beaches. The enamored beaches with enchanting sunrises and sunsets are the major attractions of the populace.

All these beaches in Gujarat with marvelous sands and surroundings allure all kinds of people. You can find tranquility as well as delight yourself by enjoying the violent seas and its hustle-bustle shores.

Last Updated On: 2011/07/04