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Heritage Tours of Gujarat

Gujarat, one of the most traditional cities of the country is famous for its marvelous cultural heritage. You can have the delight of watching plenty of beautiful places in your heritage tours of Gujarat.

You can have a great start to your heritage tours to Gujarat by visiting the beautiful city of Baroda. The Champaner bastion of Pawagadh, erected in the 15th century, is worth visiting. The fort was erected by Mehmud, the Sultan of Ahmedabad. The city is also famous for its magnificent mosques. Nagina, Begadha and Jami are the beautiful mosques adding glitter to the traditional city of Baroda. The marvelous museums of Baroda demonstrate the wealth of city, which came in during the reign of the Gaekwads.

Further you can move to Chhota Udaipur located near Baroda. It is one of the most extravagant places providing a great view of Rathwa tribes. Tribal townships like Kharakwada, Kol, Devhat and Timla can be visited in a day. The tribes give you a chance to explore different traditions and cultures followed by them. The tribal museum situated at Chhota Udaipur is also quite alluring. You can also have a visit to the Haat. It is an itinerant bazaar visited by the tribes. You can also have the view of tribal houses encompassing stunning Pithora wall paintings in them.

Further you can head to Ahamdabad. It is one of the largest cities of India. The spectacular Vaso village located near Ahamdabad is well known for its obscure impassive stamped Havelies. The place was built in 18th century. The most premium textile museums of the world are also present in Ahamdabad. Gandhi Ashram also offers an excellent view of olden times. Ahamdabad also comprises a beautiful shrine of Swaminarayan. The temple was erected in 19th century. A fascinating pilaster of the old metropolis attractive stilted impressed housings is worth seeing. Further you can extend your heritage tours to Gujarat by heading towards Poshina. The place is a center of Garacia tribals. You can also have a view of tribal villages situated in the hills of Aravalli.

Zainabad located in Gujarat is also famous for its cultural heritage. A visit to Modhera and Patan is sure to allure you. Aholwad Patan was the former capital of Gujarat. The place is famous for its double Ikat Patola saris. An impressive Sun Temple can be viewed at Modhera.The place demonstrates beauty of magnificent Hindu architecture.

You can further move to Jambugodha-Uthelia. The place is one of the scarce sites of Gujarat consisting marvelous architectural tombstones. Bahvnagar, an ancient city is also worth visiting. Heading to Palitana, you can have a gorgeous view of Shetrunjaya hill. It consists more than 800 shrines in its vicinity. Bhavnagar Gondal also gives a vibrant view of striking Naulakha palace. The palace was constructed in 17th century. It provides a lovely sight of Jarokha loggias.

The Mandav gadh located in Junagadh district is a magnificent place worth adding in your tour. See and feel the true heritage of Gujarat by incorporating a number of beautiful places in your heritage tours of Gujarat.

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