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Religious tours of Gujarat

Gujarat, a beautiful traditional city in west India is also called as "Jewel of West". The marvelous state lies on the bank of vigorous Arabian Sea. A visit to the state unfurls a cultural, historical and religious vista. Gujarat is well known for its architectural chattels. The place is also a great retreat for religious populace. Some of the religious Tours of Gujarat include places like Somnath, Dwarka, Ambaji, Pawagadh, Shamlaji, Bhadreshwar and many more. Girnar, Tarangaand Palitana is one of the most famous Jain Temples in the state. The sanctified Shetrunjaya Mountain with almost 800 fire shrines is among the most ancient temples of Gujarat. The hill is the holy place of Parsees at Udwada.

One of the most famous temples that the tourists can include in their religious tours of Gujarat is Taranga. The beautiful shrine is snuggled in the verdant hills of Taranga. The temple pays tribute to 22nd Jain Tirthankar, Ajinath. The shrine gives an enchanting appearance with three fine grilled lanais and a Garbhgriha. The shrine emphasizes its beautifully imprinted colossal pilasters. A gorgeous embellished ceiling is stamped with an eye capturing view. The temple is still in its primordial form and the plan consists of storied array in interiors and exteriors as well. The temple resides just 125 km from the capital of Gujarat, Ahamdabad.

Another destination adding delight to your religious tours of Gujarat is Patan. Rani-ki-vav, a stride well at the place, demonstrates the wonderful artistic approach of the sculptors in ancient times. The well is adorned with more than 120 steps to get down. The dazzling place lies just 140 km from Gujarat.

Somnath, along with its beautiful coastline, is also of great religious importance. The place consists of the shrine of Lord Shiva. The magnificent temple is one of the most famous 12 Jyotirlingas of India. The place reminds of an interesting fable of times. It was set by Moon (Som) to get rid of the curse given to him by his father in law Dakshbut. The temple was razed by Mahmud Ghazni, and has been renovated many a times.

As the myths say, Dwarka was the espoused abode of Lord Krishna. The shrine with Dwarkadhish in it is called as Jagatmandir. The shrine with 60 sandstone and granite pilasters spreads across a vast area of 1800 sq. feet. Then there is Bet Dwarka, located 30 km from Dwarka, on an island. Bet Dwarka is believed to be the remnants of land, borrowed from the ocean, to set up the city of Dwarka. Another famous shrine that can be included in your religious tours of Gujarat is Mahudi. The holy place of Jainees is devoted to Vir Ghantakarna. The aficionados offer Sukhadi to the god. The place is just 65 km from Ahamdabad.

Vadanagar also serves with enticing Shiva and Vishnu temples of 17th century. Another important place worth adding in your religious tours of Gujarat is Navasari. The place lies 30 km south of Surat on the bank of Purna River. The place is famous for its fire shrines and is the holy place of Parsis.

Narayan Sarovar is a temple set up on a beautiful lake. The temple consist stunning ancient frescos. A few km from the place lays Koteshwar. The place consist an enchanting shrine Kotilingeshwar of Lord Shiva. Accompanied by marvelous seashore, the place also serves as the best hang out on holidays. Lying 70 km from Bhuj it also consist number of temples, mosques and step well.

Light an incense stick, offer flowers, pray and feel divine and spiritually enlightened during your religious tours of Gujarat.

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