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Wild Tours in Gujarat

Gujarat is a matchless state with great variety in its habitat. The speckled terrains here include popular woods of withered deciduous including Gir. The grandiose grasslands and cosmic vistas anchorage atypical wild animals in them. Wetland habitats like Nalsarovar, Rann of Kutch, nautical ecosystems, and the affluent clammy deciduous woods of Gujarat are the main habitats of wild animals of the state. Most wild tours in Gujarat offer great retreat to the animal lovers.

Gir National park lies in the southwestern part of the Saurashtra Peninsula. The park is the homeland of 300 Asian lions. The hilly areas of this animal habitat are covered with dense deciduous woods. Torrents flow through deep brooks. Gir accommodates about 210 Leopards, plenty of Chinakras, Nilgais, Chital Wild Boars and Antelopes. The woods of Gir also gives a beautiful view of birds like Cuckoo, Paradise flycatcher, Boneilli's eagle, Pied woodpecker, Serpent eagle, grey Partridge and Bush quail and many more. The most favorable time to visit Gir is from December to June.

Your wild tours in Gujarat can also include Velavadar National Park. Also called as the Black Buck National Park, it is situated in the Bhal region of Saurashtra. The park expands beautifully across a 36km area. The biggest lure of the park is its colossal population of blackbucks. The blackbuck is the most graceful antelope and is widely found in India. This park is the only of its kind where the population of wolfs is thriving day by day. Some other animals found in the park are jackal, jungle cat, hare, wild pigs and rodents.

The Ratanmahal Sloth Bear Sanctuary is located on the border of Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh. The place is amous for sloth bears. It houses 57 sloth bears, 9 panthers, 900 monkeys, about 100 jackals, 8 hyenas, 4 antelopes and a number of foxes, jungle cats, honey pesters, porcupines, hare, and reptiles as well. Among all other wild tours in Gujarat, the place offers the best view of the enchanting beauty of flora and more than 120 genuses of birds. Nalsarovar is located just 80 km from the capital of Gujarat, Ahamdabad. Mainly acting as a bird sanctuary, the place offers to see 250 species of birds. The main dwellers of the park are egrets, storks, darters, cormorants spear, catch fish and kingfishers. Along with these beautiful birds, you can also have a great delight to spot moorhens, jacanas, ducks, grebes and coots as well. Charming flamingos prodding in water and beautiful godwits and snipes swirling in mud looking for food are some of the enticing views offered by the sanctuary.

Wild tours in Gujarat with their splendid locations and variety of flora and fauna to visit allures a number of tourists. The vibrant and verdant surroundings not only offer delight to people, but also acts as the best habitat for wild life. The state is taking numerous initiatives to preserve the animals.

Last Updated On: 2011/07/04