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Gujarat is one of the most affluent states of India. The state is famous for its fabrics all over the world. You can also find exotic destinations while in your Gujarat travel. The place offers some of the best cultural and religious heritages of the country. Gujarat also serves with its exquisite beach sights. The place is also famous for its wild life sanctuaries providing a vibrant view of variety of flora and fauna in them.

The state is world famous for its yummy Gujarati cuisines. The dishes like Khandavi, Dhokla, Khakhara, Bajri vada and many more adds flavor to your Gujarat travel. Along with this, the place also takes special care of shopping freaks. Beautiful embellished saris and other Gujarati attires with excellent fabrics for both men and women are the major attractions in a Gujarat travel.

The culture of Gujarat expands from tribal traditions to modern trends. Extensive wastelands and alluring sea shores are the major attractions of Gujarat. With the longest coastline in India, Gujarat offers tourists with fresh waters and clean sandy shores. Ahmedpur located in southern Junagadh district and Mandavi residing in Kutch district offers extensive sea sides.

Gujarat is also affluent in its archeological sites. Lothal and Dholavira are two most prominent sites offering you to explore the Indus valley civilization. The Somnath shrine in Junagadh district, Jhulta Minar, Sarkhej Roza and sidi Sayed Jali are some of the beautiful speculates of medieval styles. The stunning sun temple located at Modhera and step wells near Ahmedabad beautifully exemplifies the traditional Guajrati architecture.

Gujarat is an ecstasy for sightseers. The state offers 4 national parks and around 22 wild life sanctuaries. Nalsarovar National park, Gir National park, Marine National park and Jessore Sloth Bear Sanctuary are worth adding in your Gujarat travel. Your travel to Gujarat can also include Durbar Hall Museum, Buddhist cave monastery, Sidi Said Mosque, Maharaja Fateh Singh Museum and many more.

The state offers exotic beaches to its tourists. The Gopnath beach, beach at Veraval, and Bvet Dwarka beach are excellent to relax and enjoy your holiday.

A trip to Gujarat in the months of September and October offers a vibrant and vivid view of the state and its pulsating people. You get an opportunity to explore the real and colorful culture of Gujarat in festive season. Navaratri and international kite festival held every year in January offer an enticing environment to the tourists in Gujarat.

The state is easily accessible. The International Airport located in Ahamdabad offers numerous flights to and from New York, London, Dubai and Chicago. The state also holds around 10 domestic airports connecting Gujarat with almost all the major cities of country. The state offers excellent rail service. Gujarat offers one of the best intrastate and interstate roads to the populace. Its smooth and sturdy roads ensure excellent communication with other states of India.

Gujarat offers excellent stay in its heritage hotels. The state also offers numerous budget hotels to apposite everyone's pocket. Gujarat travel, with its enchanting vista and convenient and cozy accommodation is sure to allure you. With its distinct identity in tradition and culture, the state offers a lot to its tourists. The place is worth visiting at least once in a lifetime.

So indulge in an energetic and indulgent Gujarat travel.

Last Updated On: 2011/07/04