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What to do in Gujarat

Located in the west of India, Gujarat is an effervescent state, offering a variety of destinations for the tourists. The obvious question in the minds of most of the tourists visiting the state is what to do in Gujarat. Gujarat is a fascinating state with its distinct culture and traditions. The state gives you an opportunity to explore its cultural, religious, historical and wildlife heritage. From its ethnic tribal traditions to modern cities, the state offers variety in all forms to its tourists and visitors.

Gujarat consists the 6th largest city of the country called Ahmedabad. The city resides on the banks of the beautiful river Sabarmati. The place offers its tourists with enticing views of historical monuments. Numerous museums preserving the vibrant culture and tradition of Gujarat can also be seen in the city. The city also holds in its vicinity, a beautiful textile museum. It displays some of the rare fabrics of the country. Yeaning for more with the thought of what to do in Gujarat, you can also have the view of Sabarmati Ashram. The ashram was home of Gandhiji and lies a few km from Ahamdabad.

Lothal is a remarkable site of Gujarat, dating from the times of Indus Valley civilization. A visit to this historical place gives you a chance to explore the ethnic culture of the state, rooted millennia ago. Besides the beautiful archeological sites, Gujarat offers a vibrant view of its wildlife. The state has 4 national parks and 21 other wildlife sanctuaries. The Sasan Gir National Park is the only residence of Asiatic Lions. The Rann of Kutch is the homeland of numerous wild ass and other feral animals. The salty stretch of Kutch has an expansive dreary terrain and marshes where the land and sea fuse together. The place is worth visiting to watch the dense woods of Gujarat. The blackbuck sanctuary also offers the gorgeous view of enormous Indian antelopes called blackbucks. All these enthralling and adventurous places to visit will surely relieve your question of what to do in Gujarat.

Gujarat is one of the most famous Indian states, known for its charming textiles. The state suits best for the shopping freaks. It offers a wide range of fabrics and traditional attires for both man and women. The state is famous for its saris with zari work and ghagra choli. Attractive embellished kurtas for men are also offered by the markets of Gujarat. Various textile and khadi emporiums serve the tourists with varieties to shop.

The state also offers a wide variety in its cuisines. Savouries like Khakhra, Dhokla, Bajri Vada, Kandvi and Shakkarpare are sure to remove the question of what to do in Gujarat. The cuisines offer great delight, adding flavor to your Gujarat tours.

Gujarat is also famous for its vivacious festivals. The state is well known for celebrating Navaratri with zest at its fullest. Visiting the state at the time of Navaratri celebrations will surely magnetize you with the resplendent culture of the state. Here the pulsating people of Gujarat play Garba, wearing colourful traditional costumes. Dandiya played with sticks is also the most important part of this festival. Navaratri occurs in the months of September- October. It is advisable to visit the state at this time to explore the vividness of Gujarati culture. The international kite festival held at Gujarat in the month of January, is also worth visiting.

The aforementioned options of activities one can pursue in Gujarat will surely solve your question of what to do in Gujarat in the best possible way.

Last Updated On: 2011/07/04