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Gujarat travel tips

Gujarat is an enchanting land of many wonderful tourist destinations. This prosperous state of India has a lot to offer to tourists from all over the world. A few Gujarat travel tips will make your journey more colorful and exciting. Some common travel tips that can be taken into consideration include the type of attires and eatables you take with you. The food you eat at the place and shopping tips are also important in your journey to Gujarat. Cotton clothes with glasses to protect you from sun, sun screen liniments, and fedoras are preferable in hot summers. You can also carry easy to handle umbrellas. In cool winters, it is advisable to carry woolies and coats. Some Gujarat travel tips regarding health will surely prove beneficial to make your jaunt delightful. It is better to converse with your family doctor before heading for an excursion. Tourists having problems like Asthma should take special precautions. Eating unhygienic salads and cut fruits from pavements may lead you to problems. Better use mineral or boiled water. Try to avoid foodstuffs offered by unfamiliar people. Precautions must be taken while having the food at the time of travel. Eating non-veg at small bistros should be avoided.

Always lock your suitcase and other luggage. Have a watch on your belongings at the railway station and airports. Traveling in a taxi alone with a driver's companion with him may lead you in problematic circumstances. Women should take special care while traveling alone. It's advisable to travel with some acquaintance. It makes the journey safe and also keeps you off from getting bored. Women should not use divulging attires. Be alert in crowd, especially from shoplifters. It is advisable to use a money belt. Use your credit cards only in presumed shops.

To make your jaunt cozy and delightful, some more Gujarat travel tips will surely help you. The tickets for your travel must be booked in advance. It gives a great comfort to see your places reserved in advance. Gujarat welcomes tourists with a very friendly environment. People of Gujarat are quite good natured and calm in behavior. Don't use harsh words or abuse language in front of them. You may put yourself in trouble. Gujarat is a state of cultural heritage. Avoid unscrupulous actions like damaging the monuments. Any kind of misguidance may lead you to awkward situations. So, beware of strangers. Prefer to walk in groups rather than isolating yourself. Keep the cash at different places.

It is advisable to take some pills along with you. This will surely relieve you in the new place. Drink as much pure water as you can during travel. Sun soaks all the water from body while traveling. This may cause you Diarrhea.

Always count your baggage while checking out from any hotel room. Check all the cupboards and drawers where you unpacked your luggage. Do not leave any susceptible things at the place.

All these Gujarat travel tips will surely make our trip to the city delightful and memorable.

Last Updated On: 2011/07/04