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Entertainment in Chamba

Chamba lies on the sacred banks of the river Ravi. This hill station is dotted with numerous ancient temples and royal palaces that reflect the rich heritage of this town. The unity and affection of the people here is unveiled through the festivals and the fairs that are celebrated here. People visiting Chamba are sure to witness these splendid events and a lot more variety of entertainment in Chamba.

The famous Minjar Mela is stated as the one of the gala festivals of Himachal Pradesh. This fair reflects the rich tradition and culture of Chamba. Almost all the nooks and the corners of this town are seen lighted up during this fair. The fair commences by the distributing Minjar i.e. a silk tassel that beautify the attire of the men and women. This fair is celebrated on the 2nd Sunday in the month of Shravana. This significance of this fair is marked with the spurting of the maize and paddy that make their emergence approximately in this month of the year. This grand celebration goes on for a week and is announced with the hoisting of the Minjar flag in a traditional Chowgan.

This fair is regarded as one of the magnificent entertainment in Chamba as the whole town looks vibrant and rich with every individual in the town is dressed in a colorful apparel. Every section of the Chowgan is transformed into market place that make a good business for the people of this town. Various cultural and sports are arranged during this period. As the fair proceeds the third Sunday of this fair is marked with loudening of this fair as the Minjar procession of the God is escorted with people dressed in traditional clothing, dance troupes and loud music.

This procession starts from the renowned Akhand Chandi Palace and ends at a place near Police Lines Nalhora. Numerous people from all over the town participate in this grand entertainment in Chamba. During the past era the king of this town used to offer Lohan i.e. A rupee, a seasonal fruit ,coconut and Minjar that is tied in a piece of red cloth in the holy river. However, the chief guest of this fair now carries on this tradition. The people who offer their own Minjars to the river then follow this procedure. Ittra and Betal leaves are then distributed amongst the people who are invited for this fair. The classical Kumjari- Malhar by the local singers highlights this gala entertainment in Chamba. In the bygone era, this fair was marked by pushing a live buffalo into the river. This event was believed to be auspicious if the buffalo drowned or drifted away and that the sacrifice that was made was considered accepted. Even if the buffalo reached the other side of the river it was believed that all the troubles and the sins of this town were washed away on the other side of the river.

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