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Places To Visit In Chamba

The town of Chamba is the headquarters of the Chamba district. This town is primarily famous for its temples. Situated on the banks of River Ravi, this town was set up by Raja Sahil Varman. Due to its serene and peaceful environment, this place is perfect for spending a quite holiday. During your tour, you can visit the famous tourist attractions in and around Chamba.

The Laxmi Narayana Temple complex is one of the most frequently visited tourist attractions in and around Chamba. You can visit the six splendid temples within this complex. The temples are built in the distinctive Shikhara style. The temples at the Laxmi Narayana Temple complex are architectural masterpieces.

The Hari Rai temple is worth mentioning in the tourist attractions in and around Chamba. This ancient temple was built in the 11th Century. A beautiful idol of Lord Vishnu is worshiped in the Hari Rai temple. The temple has beautiful carvings, dating back to the ancient era. Hence, a large number of tourists are attracted by this temple.

Apart from these two temples, you can also visit the Champavati Temple, Vajreshwari Temple, Sui Mata Temple and Chamunda Devi Temple. These temples also have a prominent place in the list of tourist attractions in and around Chamba. Manimahesh is another important pilgrimage site near Chamba. Every year a large number of tourists visit this place, to worship at the lake. It is believed that this beautiful lake has some connection with the Lord Shiva.

Rang Mahal and the Akhand Chandi Palace are the famous palaces of Chamba. Rang Mahal is an enormous palace, located in the heart of the town. This palace displays a striking combination of regal and sarcenic styles of construction. The Akhand Chandi Palace was once the domicile of the royal family. This structure has a wonderful architectural design. Today the Akhand Chandi Palace is converted into a college. The tourists who are interested in history, can visit the Bhuri Singh Museum. This museum is one of the famous places to visit in Chamba. This museum was established by Raja Bhuri Singh of Chamba. The main reason to start this museum was to preserve the ancient relics found during an excavation in Chamba. This museum displays artifacts like copper plates, murals, paintings, etc.

The St. Andrews Church is one of the beautiful buildings in Chamba. This church has a regal architecture with patterned windows. This stone church is well preserved by the authorities.

The tourists coming to Chamba can go on excursions to witness the tourist attractions in and around Chamba. Bharmour is a famous tourist spot around Chamba. This place is a site of 84 temples that are built on an altitude of 2141 mtrs. The nomadic people of Chamba use this place as their summer residence.

Khajjiar is another beautiful picnic spot, located near Chamba. Situated at an altitude of 1960 mtrs, it is popularly known as the Switzerland of India. This place is encircled with thick deodar trees and snow. The picturesque lake, located in the heart of woods, attracts many tourists. A 12th century temple dedicated to Khajjinag, is a must see attraction here. This temple displays outstanding images of the Pandavas made out of wood.

By visiting all these tourist attractions in and around Chamba, you can make your trip to Chamba an unforgettable experience. All these tourist attractions are likely to remain etched to your memory and hence keep Chamba alive in your mind.

Last Updated On: 2011/09/02