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Bhuri Singh Museum

On your trip to Chamba you can visit the famous temples like the Laxmi Narayana Temple, the Champavati Temple and the Vajreshwari Temple, etc. These temples are a major part of Chamba’s history and culture. The Bhuri Singh Museum is one such building where you can have a look at the historical artifacts found during an excavation at Chamba.

The Bhuri Singh Museum was established by Raja Bhuri Singh of Chamba in 1908. Raja Bhuri Singh was futurist; he knew the importance of ancient artifacts. The king donated his royal collection to the museum.

The tourists coming to the museum can witness original pahari art and sculptures. These artifacts give a broad outlook of Chamba’s rich culture and tradition. The artifacts on display at the Bhuri Singh Museum date back to the 6th century and onwards.

Separate halls are dedicated to various artifacts like paintings, weapons, sculptures etc. many tourists visit the Bhuri Singh Museum to see the craved stone slabs of the fountains. These stone slabs are inscribed with figures of Lord Varuna, the god of rains. Two slabs put on display in the central hall of the museum belong to the 11th century. The cravings on the slabs are beautiful and intricate; they are a proof of the creative skills of the 11th century artisans.

Tourists can have a look at the various sculptures put on display at the Bhuri Singh Museum. Sculptures like the Surya gum, the Mool Kihar, Balrama and the Vishnu seated on a Garuda are all worth seeing. The museum also has an image of the Charpat Nath -a yogi. The sculptures and inscriptions made by Rana Nag Pal in the year 1159-60 are also put on display at the Bhuri Singh Museum. These inscriptions and carvings are exquisite, and show off the mastery of the artisans. Sculptures found in Chamba during excavations are displayed in the hall of the museum. Some of these sculptures include the three facets of Shiva, the Matsya and Varaha avatars of Vishnu, Rama, and the Buddha in bhumisparash mudra.

Handy weapons and the wall paintings are also showcased at the museum. The wall paintings and the painted door of Rang Mahal have a prominent place in the exhibits. Apart from this, the wooden craved doors, panels and brackets are also put on display in the Bhuri Singh Museum. Some of these artifacts date back to the 6th century.

Here one can also see paintings from the Bhagwat Purana and the Ramayana. Tourists can also see rare paintings of Krishna, Sudama and Rukhmani marriage, etc. which were created by artists, patronized by the Chamba rulers. The elaborate embroidered Chamba rumals, made by the pahari household ladies are also showcased.

Besides these, the Bhuri Singh Museum also displays royal costumes, armors, coins, jewellery, instruments and a range of ornamental items. It is said that these items were donated by king Bhuri Singh, as a part of the royal collection.

The old building of the museum was renovated and inaugurated in 1975. Since then it has been attracting tourists from all over India. The Bhuri Singh Museum is an important historic and cultural site in Chamba.

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