The town of Chamba is famous for its natural beauty and serene environment. On your trip to Chamba you can visit various tourist places like the Saho village, the Bhuri Singh museum and the Chaugan plains. All these places are famous because of their natural beauty. The tourists coming to Chamba visit these places to spend some quality time with their families.

Chaugan is the centre of all the activities in Chamba, but even then it has a peaceful environment. This green meadow is a famous turf club in Chamba. This ground has acquired its name from the Persian name of polo, from the Sanskrit origin meaning four-sided.

Earlier this ground was a single piece of land. In 1890 the British leveled this land and used it as a cricket ground. Since then the people of Chamba have been visiting Chaugan for a game of polo or cricket. Apart from being a sport ground it can be used as a jogging park. This place was the site of many durbars and festivals during ancient times. Today the annual Minjar Mela is celebrated at this place.

The Minjar Mela is one of the most awaited festivals in Chamba. During this festival the people offer silk Minjars and lohans to the River Ravi. The festival is conducted for 7 days during which the whole town is lavishly decorated.

All through the festival the part of the Chaugan plain acquire the look of a bazaar. The flock this place to buy goodies for their families and children. Various cultural programs are arranged during the Mela.

Tourists visiting Chaugan can see the Gaddies tribal camping on the out skirts of the plain. During evenings the local people visit this place to relax and meet up with their follow being. Locals of Chamba go night walks in the peaceful ground of this plain. During the summer vacations people bring food and dine under the star lit sky. This grassy maiden is one of the favorite spots of the locals and tourists alike. This well-maintained ground is attracting tourists since the time of the British.

The tourists can visit this place form the months of May to September. This ground is closed for the tourists after Dusshra till the month of April. During this period the authorities carry out maintenance work of the ground.

Hence on your trip to Chamba do visit the lush green plains of Chaugan to witness a serene and peaceful environment.

Last Updated On: 2011/07/07