Rang Mahal

The town of Chamba is known as a temple town but you can see various other tourist attractions on your trip to Chamba. The Bhuri museum, Akhand Chandi palace and the Rang Mahal are some the famous tourist attractions in Chamba. The palaces and the museums in Chamba are built by the Singh rulers.

The Rang Mahal is one of the grand monuments in Chamba. This place is located in the Surara Mohalla. this palace is popularly known as the” painted palace” due to its colorful structure. The foundation of this palace was laid by Raja Umed Singh in 1748-1764. But the southern part which is built in bricks is made by Raja Sri Singh in 1860.

The architecture of Rang Mahal is a fine combination of Mughal and British styles. Some additions were made by Jit Singh and Charat Singh which add to the beauty of Rang Mahal. Hence it is a treat for the eyes of the tourists coming here. This palace was decorated with wall paintings and cravings. The Rang Mahal had the most exquisite collection of pahadi paintings.

The paintings told the stories of lord Krishna and his adventures. The striking features of the palace are the painted craved doors. The articles like the doors and paintings are displayed at the Bhuri museum. Some if the paintings were removed and transported to the national museum in Delhi. The Rang Mahal was the residence of the royal family. Therefore the kings had built a fort at the western side of the palace. The fort was used as a royal treasury and granary. This was used as a women’s residence up to the year 1947. But today it houses a college. Tourists can visit this fort along with the Rang Mahal, by taking prior permission of the college.

Now a days the Rang Mahal houses the himachal emporium. The rooms that once catered to the royal blood are now being used as a workshop. The local women of Chamba prepare traditional artifacts like the embroidered rumals. The tourists can purchase locally made chappals, shoes etc from their trip to Rang Mahal. The art of making silk embroidered rumals is a traditional craft of the local women and it is about 1000 years old. On your trip to Chamba these silk rumals are excellent memoirs.

The tourists can visit the Rang Mahal between 10 am to 1.00 pm and 2.00 pm to 5.00 pm, from Mondays to Saturdays. Though now a days the tourists can just visit the emporium it is something not to be missed.

Therefore on a trip to Chamba the tourists can see the beautiful structure of the palace and shop for equally beautiful artifacts from the emporium. Therefore the tourists should reserve a day to visit the Rang Mahal.


Last Updated On: 2011/07/07