Saho Village

Along with being famous for its temples the town of Chamba is also famous for its natural beauty. Tourist attractions like the Saho Village add to the natural exquisiteness of the town. The village of Saho is located 20km from the main town of Chamba. Many tourists set off on excursions to this neighboring village on their trip to Chamba.

The Saho Village attracts tourists for its natural beauty. Situated on the banks of river Sal, this village is sited on a high plateau region. Due to the pleasant atmosphere the Saho Village has prosperous wide-ranging vegetation. The moods of the seasons are reflected through its vegetation.

In the summers when the sun is bestowing its bright sunny rays, the land wears a golden cloak. Every field is covered with wheat crops. It looks as if the land is trying to return the bright glow of the sun through its myriad of wheat grains.

In the monsoons the whole region turns luscious green after receiving the pure waters from the clouds. In the months of august and September, the banks of the rivers are covered with gorgeous green grasses while the fields are showing off their paddy crops. Many springs originate in the Saho Village during the monsoons. It is believed that the water of these springs has medicinal values.

During the spring season various flowers blossom to cover up the land. The atmosphere of the Saho becomes enthusiastic during the spring. The flowers covering the land give it the look of gardens of paradise. You can visit the Saho Village throughout the year. The village will welcome you with open hands to impart its natural beauty upon you. Along with its natural beauty, the Shiva temple and the annual Mela will definitely attract your attention. This temple is dedicated to Lord Chandra Shekhra i.e. Shiva the moon crowned god. The temple is enclosed within a tree grove. The two splendid images of lord Shiva are situated at the entrance of the temple. A huge Shiva lingam is worshipped in this temple.

A lively sculpture of a Nandi (bull) is situated facing the temple. This Nanadi is huge and decorated with intricate details. This temple was built by a local rana (chief) and dates back to the 10th century. Every year a Mela or fair is conducted in the premises of the temple. This Mela concurs with the Mani Mahesh Yatra. It is held in the months of August or September.

The temple with its Nandi figurine adds to the natural beauty of the Saho Village. The Shiva temple is an important pilgrim site for the people of the village. Hence the people visiting the Saho Village should pay a visit to the Shiva temple for its beauty and exquisiteness.

This village is a perfect place for the tourists who are looking for a quite place to spend some quality time. This village is worth visiting in the months of monsoon and springs. One visit to the Saho Village will be an unforgettable experience.

Last Updated On: 2011/07/07