Champavati Temple

The town of Chamba is popularly known as the town of temples. Here the tourists can visit various temples dedicated to Lord Shiva, Goddess Durga and Lord Vishnu. This town is flanked by the great Shivalik ranges of the Himalayas. Hence due to its natural beauty and presence of temples, the town of Chamba has a spiritually rich vibe.

The Champavati Temple is located in the heart of the city. It is easily accessible due to the fact that it is located behind the city police post and the treasury building. This temple was built by the Raja Sahil Varman, and dedicated to his daughter Champavati.

Though the Laxmi Narayana temple is the largest temple complex in Chamba, the Champavati temple is not lagging behind. This temple can be compared to the Laxmi Narayana temple. The architecture of the Champavati Temple is Shikhara styled. Stone carvings and sculptures adorn the walls of the temple. The most striking feature of this temple is the wheel roof. The large wheel adorning the roof gives this temple a distinguished feel.

It is said that the daughter of Raja Sahil Varman, Champavati played an influential role in his life. Hence he built this temple in her memory. According to other legends, Champavati was a religious person; hence she would visit temples and sadhu’s ashrams. The king got suspicious of her actions and hence followed her to the sadhu’s place. The king also carried a dagger along with him, but when he reached the ashram there was no one. The sadhu and his daughter Champavati had vanished.

Then he heard a voice, which said that his daughter had been taken away as a punishment of his suspicion. It also said that if he wanted to save his family from further calamities, he had to build a temple and dedicate it to Champavati. The king ordered the construction of the Champavati Temple. This temple has an idol of Goddess Mahisasuramardini, the avatar of Goddess Durga.

Even today a large number of tourists visit this temple to worship the Goddess

Last Updated On: 2011/07/07