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Heritage Tours in Chamba

Chamba lies on the holy banks of river Ravi. Raja Sahil Verman once ruled Chamba and this town is named after his daughter Champavati. This small hill station is lapped in the bounty of nature that attracts many tourists across the world. Chamba is framed with numerous museums, churches and temples that reflect the rich heritage of this town.

Heritage tours in Chamba packs a visit to the royal Maharaja’s Palace, the ancient Rang Mahal, Bhuri Singh Museum and the renowned Church of Scotland. The Maharaja’s Palace is the royal residence of the former monarch of Chamba. This structure is regarded as one of the marvelous buildings of Chamba. The walls of one of the rooms in this palace are adorned with murals and paintings that illustrate stories from Mahabharata and Ramayana.

The renowned Rang Mahal of Chamba is also known as the ‘Painted Palace’. Raja Umed Singh constructed this Mahal during the 18th century. This palace displays good architectural designs of the Mughal era. The walls of this Mahal depict episodes of Lord Krishna. However, this palace has now been renovated into a college. Nevertheless, it still remains well maintained.

One cannot miss a visit to Bhuri Singh Museum when on heritage tours in Chamba. This museum houses a collection of beautiful paintings of the history of Chamba and Basholi, and Kangra schools. This museum also preserves the ancient manuscripts, murals and delicate woodcarvings.

The ancient Church of Scotland, that is situated across the Bhuri Singh Museum, is also a must see when on heritage tours in Chamba.

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