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Religious Tours in Chamba

Chamba is a small quaint town that lies on the banks of the river Ravi. Surrounded by nature’s bounty, Chamba is dotted with numerous ancient temples that attract many people from all over the globe. Chamba was the home of the erstwhile ruler Raja Sahil Verman and the town was named after his daughter Champavati. The town envelopes sacred and holy temples like Laxmi- Narayan Temple, Champavati Temple, Vajreshvari Temple, Chamunda Devi Temple, Hari Rai Temple and many more ancient temples that reflect royal architecture of the bygone era. Religious tours in Chamba must include a visit to all these temples, which exude with spiritual hues. The people of Chamba regard the Laxmi Narayan Temple with great reverence. Raja Sahil Verman constructed this temple in the 10th century A.D. This Shikara style temple consists of a spacious garbhagriha with inner sanctum. The temple also houses a spacious mandapa. The temple is coroneted with wheel roof and wooden chattris that protect these temples from the heavy snowfalls.

This Laxmi Narayan Temple complex houses many shrines. Queen of Raja Jeet Singh, Rani Sarda, constructed a temple in1825, which is devoted to Lord Radha Krishna. This complex also includes a temple of Lord Shiva, constructed by Raja Sahil Verman. The religious tours in Chamba also include a visit to the glorious temple of Champavati. This historic temple is situated close to the majestic palace and is named after the Raja’s daughter Champavati. The Shikara design of this temple reflects the rich tradition and culture of Chamba. This temple was constructed in the memory of Champavati. The temple is dedicated to the Raja’s daughter and Goddess Mahishasuramardini. On the periphery of the town lies the Vajreshvari Temple, devoted to Goddess Vajreshvari. This stone structure is said to be constructed in the 11th century. The superior sculpturing mirrors the skilled work of the artists of yesteryears. The massive pillars at the entrance of this temple display the carved series of tree-line illustrations. The outer sides of the walls of this temple display holy inscripted messages. This temple hosts a massive stone figure of Goddess Mahishasuramardini. The figures on the walls of this temple depict the story and different forms of this Goddess.

Another historical temple that must be included in the religious tours in Chamba is the Chamunda Devi Temple. This temple is devoted to Goddess Chamunda. The wooden roof of this temple is beautifully carved and also comprises of numerous panes that unveil the skill of the artistic workers of yore.

The ancient Shri Hari Rai Temple is devoted to Lord Vishnu and was built in the early days of the 11th century. This temple houses a sparkling image of Lord Vishnu. The presiding image that is worshiped is of Lord Vaikuntha, a form of Vishnu that has three faces- that of a lion, boar and human.

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