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Chamba is located in the western region of Himalayas. The picturesque town stands on a flat terrain beside the Ravi river. The river flows amidst Zanskar and Dhauladhar ranges of the Himalayas. It is said that Raja Sahil Varman established the town when he conquered the Rani valley, earlier in the 10th century. The town is renowned for its structural marvels and various excursions. Chamba travel offers an opportunity to visit several tourist attractions of Chamba. The Chamba town houses huge range of temples and festivals. Besides, Chamba is famous for wonderful handicrafts and artifacts.

Champavati temple is one of the major tourist attractions during Chamba travel. The temple is devoted to Goddess Champavati, the deity of Chamba town. King Sahil Varman constructed the Champavati temple. The construction of the temple belongs to the Shikhara order. Beautiful sculptures adorn the temple.

Vajreshwari temple is another attraction of Chamba travel. The temple is constructed in the Shikhara fashion. Devi Vajreshwari is the main deity of the temple. Goddess Vajreshwari is known as lightening goddess. Devotees believe that the goddess lightens one's burden. The chronological information about the temple is unavailable, but people say that the temple is about 1000 year old. The main temple complex houses two small temples dedicated to other gods.

Your Chamba travel will be filled with religious places and shrines. Hari Har temple is another of the famous temples in Chamba. The temple is devoted to Lord Vishnu. There is an attractive bronze idol of the lord in the beautifully adorned temple. The Hari Har temple is also designed in the Shikhara style like other temples of Chamba. The temple is sited on a high podium. The Akhand Chandi Palace is the main attraction of Chamba town. Raja Umed Singh built the palace to serve the purpose of his stately housing. According to the historical records, constriction of the royal palace was completed in the middle of the 18th century. Later on, some of the next emperors made some repair and reconstructions in the palace. Today the Akhand Chandi Palace is the property of Himachal Pradesh. The palace is sited at a fine location. You can observe impressive views of the surrounding places while standing in the palace.

Bhuri Singh Museum is another tourist attraction during your Chamba travel. The museum is named after Raja Bhuri Singh, who was one of the mightiest warriors of Chamba in the past. Tourists can see here some of the beautiful paintings made by Bhuri Singh. Besides the paintings, other things in the exhibition are some of the rare pieces of beautiful jewels, embroidered Chamba handkerchiefs and tuneful equipments. Do not forget to pay a short visit to the museum during your Chamba travel.

Gandhi Gate is another major attraction of this quaint town. The gate was built to greet Lord Curzon. The saffron color and beautiful look of the gate immediately attracts everyone. Enjoy historical glory and beauty of the place during your Chamba travel.

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