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What to do in Chamba

Chamba is located in the northwestern district of Himachal Pradesh in India, in the bosom of the Himalayas. Chamba is indeed a scenic Himalayan city. Chamba is a classic township. Best time to go to Chamba is between April and October. Weather is pleasant in Chamba. Every year many tourists visit this place. Accommodation in Chamba is available in every range. There are many hotels and guest houses where they offer medium as well as low budget accommodations. The Classic Hill Top and Hotel City Heart are famous resorts in Chamba as they give a splendid view of Himalaya's valleys and peaks. Overall, Chamba offers all facilities to make your visit comfortable and memorable.

There are a lot of things to do in Chamba. Tourists can visit Khajjhiar and Dalhousie which are very popular hill stations and vacation spots, located near Chamba.They are the principal tourist attractions in and around Chamba. Dalhousie has a fascinating colonial architecture. Many filmmakers picturise their songs in Khajjhiar. You can have some exhilarating views and very nice walks in Dalhousie. Chamba is well known for its numerous temples that are intricately carved. These temples are dedicated to Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva. Temples of Hari Rai and Laxmi Narayan are particularly popular and ornate with tourists and pilgrims. Some temples are more than 1000 years old. Tourists visit these temples and find solace. These temples exhibit architectural beauty Tourists when visit Chamba are impressed by these temples, scenic beauty and tranquility. That is why Chamba is often called 'Florence of Himalaya'. Chamba has a rich cultural past. Chamba is indeed an integral part of the ancient heritage of India.

Chamba is also famous for its deodhar forests. Deodhar forests surround the Emerald meadows in Khajjiar. Tourists can visit these forests and experience the rich wild life. Snow leopard which is very rare in India can also been seen in these forests. Other animals include brown bear, musk deer, marmot and ibex. Birds such as patridge are also seen here. Most beautiful sight of the Chamba valley are the tumbling waterfalls and streams down the mountainside. Trekking is one more activity that tourists will love to do it. Trekking camps are frequently organized from Chamba into the Himalayas.

Tourists can also visit Bhuri Singh Museum and Akhand Chandi Palace museum which contain ancient artifacts and manuscripts of Chamba. Drawings made by pahari painters are famous. The museums have abundant ancient remains which are better preserved. There is a huge grassy field called the Chowgan, which is gathering point for social, political and religious activities. Tourists can also be a part of various festivals that are held every year in Chamba. These festivals exhibit the ancient rich culture of the place. Tourists should also visit the Manimahesh Lake where many have their holy dip during Janamashtami. You can also buy 'Chamba Rumals' which are known for their embroidery.

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