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Dalhousie is a wonderful hill station of Himachal Pradesh that is filled with immense natural bounties. Dalhousie is situated in the Dhauladhal range of the Himalayas. This hill station was named after the British Governor Lord Dalhousie. The array of colorful small row houses and villas make it an ideal summer destination for tourists from all over the world. During your Dalhousie travel venture you will get an extravagant view of magical mountains and snowy landscapes.

Dalhousie hill station is located at a height of 1,525 meters to 2,378 meters. Panchpula, Kalatop and Khajiar Lake are the main tourist attractions of Dalhousie. Panchpula is just 3 km from Dalhousie hill station. Satdhara spring can be seen on the way of Panchpula. It is known for its rejuvenating landscapes. Panchpula stream is the main water source for the Dalhousie town. Tourist restaurants and teashops in Panchpula offer hot and cold beverages that you can enjoy during your Dalhousie travel.

Banikhet is the gateway to Dalhousie. It has gained lot of importance because of its setting of Hydroelectric project at residential colony of Chamera. A nag temple of Banikhet is about 150 years old.

Kalatop is the trekking spot at an altitude of 8000 feet. Dalhousie water system is present between G.P.O. and Lakkarmandi. Ahla is famous for its Tibetan handicraft centre and Dalhopusie Potato Farm. Military installation at Dayan Kund is not open for civilians, but can visit Bhulwani Mata temple near Dayan Kund.

Norwood Paramdham is an attractive house placed on the Bakrota hill of Dalhousie. Yogi Swami Satyanand called this place as Tapo Bhoomi. He came at Dalhousie in the 1925 for meditation purpose and stayed forever. Ramayana, Baagti Prakash, Geeta Parbachan and Amritvani are the renowned book written by Swami Satyanand. After his death in 1960, a Satsang is organizing twice a year. His Ram Ashram at Dalhousie is renamed as Param Dham. St. John's Church is located on the Gandhi Chowk of the Dalhousie. This is the first building of Dalhousie after its foundation. Rev. John H. Pratt, the founder of this stone structured Church. A temporary wooden structure is replaced by a beautiful stone structure in 1863. This structure is a copy of Roman Catholic Church of England. St. Fanchis Church is a Catholic Church lies on the Subhash Chowk. The church was built in 1894 on the lines of Churches of England. St. Patrick's Church and St. Andrew's Church are other churches that are quite popular in Dalhousie hill station. These Churches are the worth visiting places during your Dalhousie travel expedition.

Subhash Baoli is a beautiful natural spot Dalhousie. Neta Ji Subhash Chandra Bose stayed here for 7 months in 1937. Laxmi Narayan is 150 years old temple dedicated to Lord Vishnu. It is just 200 meters from Subhash Chowk. Local devotees frequently visit this temple.

Manimahesh Lake is one of the most popular tourist's destinations that you will come across during your Dalhousie Travel venture. A road via Bharmour from Dalhousie makes Manimahesh Lake easily accessible. It lies in the Chamba Kailas hills, which is at a distance of 112 km from Dalhousie and 34 km from Barmour. Dalhousie Chamera Dam is other most frequently visited place of Dalhousie. It is on the way of Chamba hills. It is built over the river Ravi. This Dam supports the hydroelectricity project of Dalhousie region. This is an ideal location if you are interested in enjoying adventurous and challenging water sports.

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