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Transportation in Dalhousie

Taxis, horse riding and tourist buses are the prime means of transportation in Dalhousie. Dalhousie is centrally located to all major natural tourists' attraction of Himachal Pradesh. A huge network of state transport services connects these places with the Dalhousie city. Himachal Pradesh Road Transport Corporation service provided a regular bus service to these tourists' spots. Some private bus services are also available in Dalhousie. The agents that can provide you these services generally provide pick and drop facilities as well. You need not hire a special guide, as these services always have trained tourist guides with them. Believe it or not, walking is the best mode of transportation in Dalhousie.

Taxis are the most comfortable modes of transportation in Dalhousie. You can enjoy lush green valleys, massive mountains and other wonderful sights along with your family. In 1910, the taxis were first time introduced to Dalhousie. Those taxis were very different from today's taxis. They used to have double-seated wagon and sleighs and horses drew these taxis. The driver would pick-up and drop travelers from Dalhousie junction and Eel River Crossing train stations.

Horse riding is also available at some hilly areas. It will be an enjoyable and adventurous experience for children.

Last Updated On: 2011/07/07