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Restaurants in Dharamshala

You can get to entertain your taste buds in the restaurants in Dharamshala. A wide range of mouth-watering Tibetan delicacies like momos, thenthus, Yak butter tea and thukpa are served in the restaurants of Dharamshala.

Khana Niravana is a wonderful local café to hang out with friends and relatives. It is famous for serving Tibetan, Indian and veggie meals. Long-term housing opportunity is also available at this restaurant. A variety of weekly activities like open mike night, talk shows, impromptu concerts are arranged here, and it is considered to be one of the most fabulous restaurants in Dharamshala.

Jogibara Road is the main area of Dharamshala town. Most of the quality restaurants are located in this area. Chocolate Log Restaurant is situated on the Jogibara Road of Dharamshala. It is the oldest, most favourite of all restaurants in Dharamshala. It is well known for its western dishes like pizza, cakes and Chinese macaroni. McLio Restaurant is known for its extensive food and bar. Malabar Restaurant is also located on the Jogibara Road. It is well-known for serving mouth watering Indian, Chinese and Continental delicacies.

Carpe Diem is another restaurant of Jogibara Road. Occasional live music is the best feature of this restaurant. Western style food and Muesli of this restaurant is really delicious. Lung-Ta restaurant of Jogibara Road is open from afternoon to 11pm. It is closed on Sundays. Excellent Japanese food is being served at this restaurant. Taste of India is the best Indian restaurant of Dharamshala town. It is located on the Jogibara Road and is open from 10 am to 11 pm. The owner arranges 3 day cooking course on the behalf of this restaurant. The same owner also owns a south Indian restaurant at Bhagsu road. It is famous for its south Indian dishes.

Green Hotel of Bhagsu road is very popular for its wide range of homemade cakes and Indian and Chinese cuisines. Hotel Bhagsu's restaurant offers good food and cold beer. On clear days, dining will be set up in the garden area. It is one of the most frequently suggested restaurants in Dharamshala. Jimmy's Italian Restaurant is famous for its special Italian dishes. Its location, decoration and helping staff makes it the most preferred.

Every restaurant in Dharamshala holds its unique identity. Himalaya restaurant at Dharamshala offers best Tibetan food at an affordable price. If you would like to try some tasty special Musli, then JJI's café is the best destination. It will give you the experience of food in the background music of Bob Dylan. Lhamo's Croissant is famous for its Tibetan herbal teas, French pastries and western food. If you want to delight yourself with some Japanese delicacies then turn your feet towards the Lung-Ta restaurant. Momo café is well known for its fine quality momos. Om Hotel, Moon Peak Coffee, Nick's Italian Kitchen, Snow Lion Restaurant, Rewa café, Taste of India and Le Vrai café are some favourite restaurants of Dharamshala.

Besides these restaurants, you can try some other dining options in Dharamshala. Asia Health Resorts is known for its Indian, Chinese and Continental delicacies. The restaurants at Hotel Sahoiwa, Club House, Spring Valley Resort, Surya Resorts, Whispering Winds Resort and Mehgavan Holiday Resort are known for their wide range and quality food.

Last Updated On: 2011/07/07