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Shopping in Dharamshala

Shopping in Dharamshala offers great opportunities to tourists from across the globe to explore a wide range and variety of handicraft items. The Kotwali Bazaar is the prime shopping area in the Dharamshala town. It reflects the simple lifestyle of the town. Macleodganj is another important market area of the town. Generally, exotic Tibetan items are available in these markets of Dharamshala.

Tibetan carpets are the main attraction of Dharamshala. Delicately woven carpets are decorated with vibrant colours. The motifs of these carpets are motivated either from nature or from the monuments depicting traditional tales of the Tibetan culture. These carpets have a style of weaving different from that of the Kashmir or the Persian carpets. Tibetan artifacts can be purchased from the office of Tibetan handicrafts, of the Kotwali Bazaar.

Wooden carving, silk and woolen woven scarves and Tibetan handicrafts are the popular items that are preferred while shopping in Dharamshala. Dharamshala is located in the surroundings of dense forests. Superb wooden carving on bamboo and cane are the most appealing handicraft items of Dharamshala. You should buy these wooden carvings to decorate your homes. Woolen garments of Dharamshala are warm and comfortable. Sweaters and cardigans are available in trendy colours and stylish designs, at an affordable rate. These woolen accessories must be included in your list while shopping in Dharamshala.

Embroidery items of Dharamshala are also famous among the women visitors. The designs of these embroidery items are generally based on the Chamba and Kangra School of paintings. TCV Handicrafts, Norsang Handicrafts, Mcleodeganj, Tibet Quality Shop and Jogibara Road are the most favoured destinations for the handicraft shopping in Dharamshala. The exquisite works of the Chamba and Kangra School of miniature paintings are well known for their depiction of court and romantic scenes.

Metal wares, jewellery, hand-knitted cardigans, gloves, shawls, pullovers and caps are the other items of shopping in Dharamshala. Local pickles, squashes and jams are also very popular among the tourists of Dharamshala. Jogibara Road is the main place for shopping at the street side stalls.

Last Updated On: 2011/07/07