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Places To Visit In Dharamsala

Dharamshala is a quaint hill station in Himachal Pradesh, which is sure to sweep you off your feet with its sylvan charm. The tourist attractions in and around Dharamshala are very popular among the visitors, and they are thronged by tourists. Dharamshala has a unique charm and magic attached to it. However, besides the somber Dhauladhar Himalayan ranges, Dalhousie also embodies spiritual interests. Some of the tourist attractions of this hilly town are the various monasteries and temples scattered around. Dharamshala is a perfect amalgamation of nature, culture and spirituality, which together creates a wonderful tourism cocktail.

Some of the temples in Dalhousie are the Vaidyanatha Temple, Chamunda Devi, shrine of Bhagasunath and the Jwalamukhi Temple. The Vaidyanatha Temple is of prime significance as it houses one of the famous and revered Jyotirlingas. The Jwalamukhi Temple is a shaktipeeth and is much sought after among the devotees. One of the many monasteries dotting the hilly landscape of this town is The Namgyal Monastery. This monastery is renowned as the place for Tibetan Studies.

Apart from the temples and monasteries you will come across the Kangra Art Museum. This museum is a treat for all the art lovers. It houses exquisite works of art from the Kangra School of Art. It includes elaborately designed Kangra dresses, which are very appealing to the eye. You will also find wooden articles with great patterns and characteristic jewellery of the region. The Library of Tibetan Works and Archives is also a fabulous place, and gives wonderful insights into the Tibetan culture. All the avid readers will surely fall in love with the library. It propagates and spreads the Tibetan culture with the help of the various photos and authentic age old scriptures. The tourist attractions in and around Dharamshala also comprise of The War Memorial and the splendid Church of St. John. The War Memorial placed at the entrance of Dharamshala is surely not to be missed. It is dedicated to those brave servicemen who lost their lives while serving the country. The St. John's Church is renowned all over, and has been associated with Lord Elgin, the then Viceroy. The church is his last resting place and you will find an image of Lord Elgin here. The Mcleodganj is also another tourist attraction. This town has been the home of the present Dalai Lama. It has many monasteries, art centres, restaurants and shops which together exudes an essential Tibetan culture. Close to the heels of the Mcleodganj is the Tibetan Children's Handicraft and Vocational Centre. Here, various exquisite works of art like the thangka and carpet are found. A must visit to shop for mementos.

There are many impressive places of interest around Dharamshala, which are surely worth many visits. These include the Bhagsu village and the Dal Lake. The Bhagsu or Bhagsunath village houses the Bhagsunath Temple where the Hindus and the Buddhists religiously gather to bathe in the ponds. The pretty Dal Lake hosts a fest every year in the month of September, which witnesses participation from scores of people from the Gaddi tribe, and also other tourists. The holy temples at Baijinath and the small petite village of Palampur are other tourist attractions in and around Dalhousie. Palampur is the perfect place to enjoy some trekking and the Neughal Khad has a mesmerizing beauty, especially in the rainy season. 41 Kms away from Daharmshala is Trilokpur, which houses an unusual cave temple devoted to Lord Shiva.

Succinctly, the tourist attractions in and around Dharamshala are very interesting and a visit to these places will surely add to your pleasant memories.

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