Kangra Art Museum

The splendid Kangra valley lying beneath Dharamshala, in Himachal Pradesh has many notable attractions, chief among these being the Kangra Art Museum. The museum is thronged by the tourists and the natives alike and is the pride of Dharamshala.

The Kangra Art Museum reflects the arts, crafts, history and culture of the people of the Kangra valley. It also mirrors the history of the place. You will come across this museum near the famous Kotwali Bazaar in Kangra. The museum has a wonderful collection of miniature paintings from the Kangra School, which dates back to the 17th century, besides a wide variety of sculptures, pottery and anthropological artifacts. You will also come across many artifacts from the 5th century, which are preserved in good condition.

The museum has a special hall where all the paintings have been preserved. These beautiful paintings are of various hues and will take you to a wonderful world full of colours, which is sure to mesmerise you. Apart from the paintings, you will also find many statuettes adorning the hall, which add to the charm of the museum. Various works of art made out of clay or pots are also found here. The pottery in the museum is very beautiful and innovative.

In addition to these, the Kangra Art Museum also houses many ancient artifacts depicting the history of the place, including the various remnants found during excavations in the valley. This proves to be of great interest to the archaeologists. Besides these, various traditional doors with elaborate and detailed designing also can be seen here. The authentic Jaali work, the Shamiana and the pandals also make their presence felt here. An assortment of coins and various scriptures are also found.

The museum also showcases the typical culture and the dressing style of the tribal people, residing in this picturesque valley. These include the tribal dresses covered in characteristic patterns and designs. It also comprises of the tribal ornaments and the wooden articles. Another part of the museum solely displays the work of some renowned photographers and other artists. The library located at the ground floor of the museum is another attraction for all the avid book lovers. The Kangra Art Museum is easily accessible. The Kangra valley does not boast of an airport and so you can reach the Kangra valley by road or railway. You can get down at the Kangra station or the Kangra Mandir station. So do not forget to pay a visit to this exotic museum while enjoying your stay in Dharamshala.

Last Updated On: 2011/07/07