War Memorial

The serenity of Dharamshala in Himachal Pradesh is not only reflected through the Dhauladhar ranges and Deodhar forests; it is also embodied through its War Memorial. Perhaps there cannot be a better place for setting up the War Memorial than the tranquil green ambience of Dharamshala. The somber setting provides the right ambience to honour the services of the brave soldiers, who laid down their lives for the defence of the country.

When you enter Dharamshala, you will come across the War Memorial, for it greets you at the entrance of the quaint town. Tall pine trees enclose this memorial, which lends a very imposing aura to it. The mighty soldiers lie in peace beneath this shelter of pine trees. You will find many winding pathways and roads which take you up to the memorial. It is like a maze of paths.

When you enter the memorial, you will be captured with a feeling of grief and pride at the same time. The memorial evokes a sense of unity in us and makes us aware of the sacrifices of the great men who left the world. This magnificent memorial was constructed sometime after the Indo-China and Indo-Pak (1965) wars. Terrible destruction took place during these wars and many of the courageous Indian soldiers lost their lives while fighting for the country. This memorial was constructed to pay homage to the brave deeds of these soldiers. All the soldiers lying in the memorial hailed from Kangra.

The government took the responsibility of building this War Memorial. You will also stumble upon a café in the vicinity of the memorial. This café provides refreshments like snacks, tea and coffee. The GPG College, which came into existence during the British rule, is also placed close to the memorial. It is surely not worth missing.

Last Updated On: 2011/07/07