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Religious Tours in Dharamshala

Dharamshala is located in the lush green surroundings of Dhauladhar mountains, on the high slopes of Kangra valley. The vibrant temples and gompas are the key attractions that you should include in your list of religious tours in Dharamshala.

Chamunda Devi Temple is a famous temple, located near Dharamshala. It is located at 15 km from Dharamshala, in the small village Dadh, on the Palampur road. The temple is dedicated to Goddess Chamunda Devi. It is a charming place, giving magnificent views of the mountains and forests.

Jwalamukhi Temple of Dharamshala is one of the most popular Hindu temples of north India. It is dedicated to the goddess of fire, which is also called as Flaming Goddess. There is no specific idol of the goddess, and the flame is worshipped as the sign of the goddess. A golden spire, a gift from the Emperor Akbar, is placed on the top of the temple. It is the most holy place that you will come across while you embark upon the exciting religious tours in Dharamshala.

Brajeshwari Devi Temple is a well-known temple of Dharamshala. Earlier it is known for its wealth of pearls and diamonds. This was the main reason of the frequent assaults by the neighbouring state. The temple was destroyed in the 1905 earthquake. Present form of temple was rebuilt in 1920.

The ancient temple of the shrine of Bhagsunath is located at 11 km from Dharamshala. There are several fresh water springs in the close vicinity of temple. The Kunal Pathri is the rock temple, which is just 3 km from the Kotwali Bazaar of Dharamshala. Temple of Bundelmata is another small temple near tea gardens. This temple was built five centuries ago. Dharamshala is also known for its Buddhist gompas. The Tashijong Gompa is known as a friendly gompa. It is located in the Tashijong village, on the Palanmpur to Baijnath road. Drukpa Kagyud community of 150 Tibetan monks and 400 refugees are the resident of this gompa. Carpet making, woodcarving and thangka paintings are the main artworks done in the area of gompas. It is one of the famous gompas that will give you the best time during your religious tours in Dharamshala.

Tsuglagkhang, also known as Dalai Lama's temple, is the most important Buddhist monument of Mcleodganj. Statues of Avalokiteshvara, Shakyamuni and Padamasambhava are three glorious images inside the temple. These three scholars are known for introducing Tantric and Buddhist teachings to Tibet.

Dip Tse-Chok Ling Gompa is a small gompa. An image of Shakyamuni is placed in the main prayer hall of gompa. Two huge goatskin covered drums are also there in the hall. Some fabulous butter sculptures, made during Losar are also available at this gompa.

There are fifteen massive rock temples at Masrur. The temples are carved in an impressive style of the Kailash temple of Ellora caves, near Aurangabad in Maharashtra. It is located at 32 km from Kangra. Idols of Sita, Ram and Lakshman are placed inside the temple.

Chanmaya Tapovan is a relaxing ashram complex, located at just 10 km from the Dharamshala town. The ashram is situated on the bank of Bindu Saras. It houses a 9 m image of Hanuman, a Ram temple, a medication hall, a health and recreation center and a school. It is the most soothing place that you will come across while undertaking religious tours in Dharamshala.

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