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Handicrafts of Himachal Pradesh

Himachal Pradesh produces some of the wonderful handicrafts, which reflect on the impeccable craftsmanship of its crafts persons or artists. They have been making these flawless art pieces for generations together. Himachal Pradesh has a whole range of different handicrafts like shawls, wood crafts, paintings, embroidery, textiles, rugs and carpets, etc. Often they are products of months of meticulous precision.

Wood Crafts:

Wood craft is perhaps the oldest type of handicrafts in Himachal Pradesh. The landscape of the state is clad in pine, deodar and walnut trees, which has given an impetus to this craft. The houses of the people of Himachal Pradesh are also fine examples of the state's passion for wood crafts. Wood carvings on the doors of the houses, on the panels of the houses, and also on the ceiling and the window sills are examples of an exquisite tradition. The walls of the temple in Himachal also showcase beautiful woodcrafts. Carpenters (or artists) make intricate cradles, bedsteads, boxes, ladles, churners with wood, which besides their obvious utility, carry aesthetic value. The most popular wood crafts of Himachal Pradesh are fruit baskets, trays, serving bowls, photo frames, candle stands and carved idols, which a tourist can treasure as mementos.

Metal Crafts

Metal crafts is another of the ancient skills developed and evolved in the hilly climes of Himachal Pradesh. The traditional metals of copper and silver are still used to make jewelry and utensils in some parts of the state. The artists who make these handicrafts show excellent skill as well as imagination for making these masterpieces.


The artists in the hilly region of the state have perfected the weaving of shawls into an evolved art form. Majority of the shawls are woven according to the old traditions, that is the shawls are made up of fleece i.e. hair that are shed by a goat. The artisans have also mastered the art of weaving imaginative but extraordinary designs on them. The shawls are also available in a number of different colours and shades. The Pashmina shawl, the most sought after shawl around the world, is also made in the state.

Rugs and Carpets

Rugs and carpets made by the Himachali artisans have been developed as a whole industry. One of the trademarks of the Himachali artisans, you can find these carpets in the local markets as well as the markets of the neighbouring states, with the rugs and carpets made in all sorts of shapes and sizes. In the yesteryears, most of these rugs and carpets were made from the hair of the goat, which has been a tradition in Himachal Pradesh since ages, but now-a-days, the carpets and rugs, even in Himachal Pradesh, are mostly made up of the wool. Many of these rugs and carpets are adorned with fascinating motifs, which trace their inspirations from mythology and folklore. Some of the motifs are also symbolic in nature. Namdas and gudmas are some of the traditional blankets of Himachal. They are soft and warm.


Khangra and Chamba schools of miniature paintings are part of the wonderful tradition of handicrafts of Himachal Pradesh. Even after more than two hundred years since they were introduced, these painting styles still have their presence in the cultural firmament of Himachal Pradesh. Most of these paintings depict the court and the romantic scenes, and can create a wonderful aesthetic contrast in today's modern homes. The state government has setup schools to preserve the miniature art of painting. The state is also imparting professional training to the students about modern painting.

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