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White water rafting

River rafting is considered as one of the most adventurous sorts of water game in all over the world. In India too, river rafting, also known as white water rafting, has gained lots of importance in the last few years, specially in the state of Himachal Pradesh. The river rafting can be done exceptionally well when there is plenty of water available in the river. So for water rafting in the Himalayan regions, the best time is during the summers, as all the accumulated snow of winter melts down due to the hot temperature in summers. Thus, the water flows down the Himalayas and joins the Beas river, increasing its speed and also adding to the flow of water.

The water that joins from melting snows gives immense speed to the river and provides it with the potential to take up good rafting challenges. In India, Himachal Pradesh's snow-fed rivers are thought to be tougher than any other rafting destinations. Thus, the rafters can enjoy and at the same time experience the challenges posed on them. This water sport enthralls all the participants as well as the viewers. The upper portion of the Himalayan region is considered to be one of the best spots for the river rafting sport.

The white water rafting event that takes place in Himachal Pradesh, is acquiring immense recognition. The rivers that provide the rafting challenges to the rafters and the tourists are the Chandrabhaga river in Lahaul, the Satluj river near Shimla, and the river Ravi near Chamba and the Beas river near Kullu. Among the mentioned rivers, the Beas river stretches to 20 km and has exciting white water rapids. It has also been the place of many rafting expeditions. The necessities required for the sporting event are all available on a rent basis. The possibility is that the river Spiti is also being made ready for exploration of the similar kind of white water rafting events.

It is not that only the rafters who are well equipped, and are well versed with this technique can participate in the rafting. But the novice participants can also experience the adventure on milder and gentler rapids. This sport is carried out in the summers with full swing, where it takes a back seat during the winters, and some part of the monsoons. The rafters need not worry about carrying along with them any sort of rafting related equipment. The Himachal Pradesh Tourism Development Corporation offers all the equipments, dinghy, lifejackets, and helmets, along with an expert guide to the visitors. The things that are required to be taken along with oneself are a good sunscreen lotion, dark sunglasses, shorts, T-shirts, suitable shoes, towels, windproof jackets, camera and a first aid kit. The river cuts against the rocky banks, crashes into the rocks, swirling and finally falling in a thunderous din. All this will help you to enjoy the white water rafting expedition to the fullest.

Last Updated On: 2011/07/07