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Shopping in Kullu-Manali

On visits to tourist destinations tourists often look for memoirs and souvenirs of that trip. Hence shopping plays an important part in any trip. On your trip to Kullu-Manali, you can take back introspective and adventurous experiences, hues of festivity, and also some exquisite handicraft items. Tourists coming here mainly shop for woolen items while shopping in Kullu-Manali.

While shopping in Kullu-Manali, you can pay a visit to the colourful Tibetan bazaar. Here you can buy Kullu shawls, caps and other such woolen items. Tourists can also buy some authentic Tibetan souvenirs like silver and turquoise jewellery and thangkas. Thangkas are cloth paintings with Buddhist themes, that are famous in Kullu-Manali.

While shopping in Kullu-Manali you can pay a visit to the Gadan Thekchokling Gompa. Here you will find good quality rugs, carpets and handicrafts. Some stalls near the bus stop also sell these articles. There is also a government owned trust, which runs a Tibetan handicraft emporium. It is a perfect place to buy authentic Tibetan and Indian articles. Some local women run the Kullu/Kashmir Shawl Emporium. This place is famous for its shawls, which are made from pure pashmina wool. This wool is shorn off from the under belly of the Himalayan goat. Hence, these shawls are a little expensive than other woolen shawls, and has an aura of exclusivity attached to them.

While shopping in Kullu-Manali you can collect small Tibetan articles like armlets, masks and musical instruments. The Akhara bazaar is one of the most famous places to buy rugs and carpets. Here you can see a wide variety of carpets and rugs. Here you can buy gudmas, puhlas and namdas types of rugs from here.

Tourists shopping in Kullu-Manali can also try the locally made jams, pickles and shampoos. These items are natural and are very good for your health. The dry fruits sold in Manali are also of good quality. As they are locally grown, you can bargain on their prices, and get the best possible value for your money.

The natural oils like lavender oil, primrose oil, etc. are also sold at a cheaper rate in Kullu-Manali than elsewhere. The oils help is releasing stress, healing skin ailments and are also good for massages. Hence, on your trip to Kullu-Manali do not forget to buy items, which are a specialty of these picturesque valleys.

Last Updated On: 2011/07/07