Bijli Mahadev Temple

Kullu, the most exotic hill station is situated in the state of Himachal Pradesh. This place is a hot spot tourist-visiting hub. Kullu is described as the nature's paradise on earth and also well known as 'Silver Valley' of Himachal Pradesh. The lush valley of Kullu with fruit orchards, temples and scenic beauty, is one of the beautiful valleys in the foothills of Himalayas. It is very well known for many of the interesting and most visited tourist destinations in Himachal Pradesh. One of them is the Bijli Mahadev Temple.

This nature's paradise is very easily accessible from any part of the country. Kullu is located at a distance of 570 km from the capital city of Delhi. Tourists wanting to visit this holy shrine can do so by taking a flight to the nearest airport of Bhuntar. Else, the railway station of Jogindernagar is nearest. The city of Kullu is very well connected to the other cities of the state by a good network of roads. Reaching the shrine of Bijli Mahadev Temple is a bit tough but also at the same time a rewarding trek of 6 km. The temple is situated at an altitude of 2,438 m i.e. 8000 feet. It is almost 10 km from Kullu across the Beas River. The temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva. It is believed that the lightening attracts the divine blessings of God.

The Bijli Mahadev Temple is truly an architectural marvel and is very well crafted. The entrance door consists of the stone statue of the Nandi bull that guards the temple. Every year during the Hindu months of Shravana, a fair is held in this temple. The temple offers a panoramic view of the Kullu and the Paravathi valleys and is nestled amidst the green Himalayas. The temple is situated at the hilltop and shines like a needle in the sun.

The most striking feature that is unique to this temple is the 60-foot high staff on top of the temple. There is a famous story behind the temple. It says that every year there is a frightful lightening, because of which the Shivalinga in the temple gets reduced to pieces. This happens because when the lightening strikes the earth, it is believed that the Lord Shiva absorbs all the energy discharged from the atmosphere and saves the world. Due to this act the linga turns into pieces and the temple priests in secrecy restore it. The idol is coalesced with the help of butter and satto. This the cycle goes on every year and hence the name, Bijli Mahadev Temple.

The doors have beautiful carvings done on them. The temple also has a big wooden pole of deodar, which is said to receive the first electric shock. Many tourists and devotees visit this place during the Shravana month to worship the Lord Shiva. This temple is highly revered by the Hindus and is a very sacred place. Thus, the Bijli Mahadev Temple in Sultanpur is one of the major tourists visiting spot when in Kullu.

Last Updated On: 2011/07/07