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Festive Tours in Kullu-Manali

Tourists visit Kullu-Manali throughout the year. It is mainly famous for its natural beauty and adventure sports. However, if you want to be a part of the culture of Kullu-Manali, then you have to be a part of the festive tours in Kullu-Manali.

As the festival of Dusshera is the most important festival of Kullu-Manali, tourists should come for festive tours in Kullu-Manali during this period. This 10-day-long festival is celebrated in the month of October. The Dusshera festival in Kullu-Manali starts on the last day of the festival for the rest of the country. During this festival, you can see a beautiful blend of history, rich culture, traditions and joyfulness.

On the first day, the idols of lord Raghunath, Goddess Hadimba, Jamlu, etc. are brought at the quaint meadows of the river Beas. These deities are accompanied with their bands, and a long procession. For ten days, the whole town is seen bustling with joy and enthusiasm. The Gaddi shepherds come down from the hills to attend the festival.

The music and dance performances carry on throughout the nights. No one is in the mood to rest, and the spirit of exuberance permeating among the people is simply infectious. Hence, the tourists witnessing this festival too become willing partners in the celebrations. Legend has it that on the ninth day of the festivity, the Gods gather for a 'Devta Darbar' or the court of the Gods. On the tenth day, the idol of Ravana is symbolically destroyed which ends the Dusshera festival. In Kullu-Manali, the effigies of Ravana, Megnadh and Kumbhakarana are not burnt. If you witness this extraordinary festival once, your festive tours in Kullu-Manali will become unforgettable vignettes in your memory for a lifetime.

In Kullu-Manali, many small and big festivals are celebrated throughout the year. Though Dusshera is the main festival in Kullu-Manali, the festive season starts in the month of February. The first festival of the year in this region is the Phagli festival. This festival is celebrated in mid February or the first half of March. The people of Malana celebrate this festival to mark the victory of good over evil. During the festival, people greet each other by offering yellow barley grass.

In the second half of April comes the Birshu fair. This fair is celebrated in all the villages of Kullu-Manali. These are local village fairs wherein the village deity is worshipped and the priest makes yearly predictions. The Pipal Jatra is a spring festival. For this occasion, every year people gather from the 28 to 30 April at the Dhalpur Maidan near river Beas to celebrate. In this festival, various cultural programmes are organized wherein reputed artists display their talents.

The Sharhi Jatra is another of the important fairs in Kullu-Manali. This fair is conducted in the village of Naggar for three days. Tourists and pilgrims from around Kullu-Manali participate in this fair. The Tripura Sundri Temple is the epicenter of the activities. The traditional natti is performed and various games are played as a part of the fair. This fair is a gigantic affair, where people gather in massive numbers. The tourists who want to be a part of this fair can visit Kullu in the months of May and June as a part of their festive tours in Kullu-Manali.

These festivals and fairs are essential parts of the culture of Kullu-Manali. They carry out both religious and economic purposes, which are very beneficial to these people.

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