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Religious Tours in Kullu-Manali

Kullu-Manali is one of the most popular tourist destinations in India. Tourists from all over the world find this place very striking and adventurous. The most attractive feature of this place is the unspoilt beauty of the green meadows and the snow-capped mountains. Adventurous tourists frequently visit Kullu-Manali. Here they can experience unadulterated thrill from various adventure sports.

In addition to this, some tourists come for religious tours in Kullu-Manali. Here you will find a plethora of temples dedicated to various sects. As Kullu-Manali is located in the western parts of Himalayas, you can see Buddhist, Tibetan and Sikh religious places along with the Hindu temples.

On the religious tours in Kullu-Manali, tourists can pay visits to temples located around the cities. Most to of the temples are located near the town of Kullu. Some of the important temples in and around the Kullu valley are the Bajeshwar Mahadev Temple and the Bijli Mahadev Temple. These temples are dedicated to Lord Shiva. Both these temples are embellished with intricate carvings and sculptures.

The Bijli Mahadev Temple, located 10 km from Kullu, is associated with a famous legend. It says that after every 12 years the 60 feet high staff in the premises of the temple attracts lightening, which shatters the Shivalinga. It is said that through this act Lord Shiva absorbs energy discharged from the atmosphere and thereby saves the world. Whenever this happens, the priests of the temple join the pieces of the Shivalinga. Hence, the temple acquired its name from this legendary phenomenon. From this temple you can get a panoramic view of the Kullu valley. Vaishno Devi Temple is one of the most sacred temples in India. The tourists embarking on religious tours in Kullu-Manali make it a point to visit this particular temple. This temple is only 4km from Kullu-Manali, hence tourists find this very convenient.

Apart from this, the Raghunathji Temple, the Jagannathi Temple, the Hadimba Temple and the Temple of Manu are worth visiting. The Hadimba Temple, which is a four-storied wooden temple, attracts a multitude of tourists. This temple is located in the centre of Dhungiri or the Van Vihar forest. It is noted for its carvings of animals, plants and local deities.

As Kullu-Manali is located near Tibet, you will see some Tibetan temples during your religious tours in Kullu-Manali. The most famous of them is the Gadhan Thekchoking Gompa. The Tibetan refugees built this gompa in 1960. The gompa is decorated with vivid coloured murals and hosts a brilliant mid-sized Buddha figurine. Here you will also see a list of martyrs that were killed in the struggle for Tibet. The Tibetans living in Manali have also built a large modern temple. This temple is worth visiting for appreciating its Tibetan architecture, and feeling its pervading climate of religiousity.

Manikaran is a tranquil location with mystifying hot springs. It is also a place of pilgrimage. The first guru of the Sikhs, Guru Nanak, visited Manikaran to meditate. A Gurudwara was constructed on this place to mark his visit. Many Sikh pilgrims visit this place to pray at this Gurudwara.

In addition to this, tourists can visit other sites like the Arjun Gufa, Triloknath and Udeypur during their religious tours in Kullu-Manali. It is said that the Arjun Gufa was used by Arjuna to practice rigorous rites, for getting a weapon from Lord Indra. Triloknath and the Udeypur are also important religious sites. By visiting all these religious places, you can make your trip to Kullu-Manali a spiritually rich experience.

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