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Wild Tours in Kullu-Manali

Tourists coming to Kullu-Manali find this place unique and interesting. The topography of this region is picturesque, reflecting enigma and beauty. Many nature lovers come to Kullu-Manali to visit its national parks and sanctuaries. These national parks and sanctuaries must be included in the itinerary of the wild tours in Kullu-Manali.

The Great Himalayan National Park is one of the most popular destinations of the wild tours in Kullu-Manali. This park is spread across and is clothed with temperate and alpine forests. Some parts of the park are inaccessible due to thick forest cover. Great Himalayan National Park is a home to many alpine animals like the musk deer, the brown bear, goral, leopards and the snow leopards, etc. many of which are endangered. Travellers can also find feathered species like the tragopan and snow cock. The park is characterized by a wide variety of pheasants.

As a part of the wild tours in Kullu-Manali, you can go for trekking to the Rakti-Sar - the originating point of river Sainj. Another trekking route leads to the Tirath, the origin of river Tirthan. Here the tourists can approach the forest department for camping equipments and guides.

The Kanwar Sanctuary has a large population of Himalayan thars. This big goat stays in the mountain cliffs and rarely comes down. Tourists can undertake treks in the high mountains of the sanctuary. The sanctuary is located in the Parbati valley of the Kullu district. The tourists coming for the wild tours in Kullu-Manali can stay at the rest house in Kasol. Kasol is a convenient place to stay as a small uphill walk from here leads you to the dense forests of the Kanwar Sanctuary. Some of the other forms of wildlife found in the sanctuary include musk deer, brown bear, barking deer, snow leopard and pheasants like western tragopan and cheer. The Manali Sanctuary is located 2 km from the main town of Manali. This sanctuary is full of trees like the deodar, kail, horse chestnut, walnut and maple, and its pristine beauty is accentuated by the gushing streams and the snow-covered peaks. Here you can see the Himalayan thar Himalayan black bear, Himalayan Palm Civet, barking deer, Indian hare, flying fox and leopard among the varied forms of wildlife. In this sanctuary, you can indulge in the adventure of trekking and camping in the wild.

Then there is the Khokhan Wildlife Sanctuary, which is also a must visit for those embarking on the wild tours in Kullu-Manali. Located 19 km from Kullu, its wild presence is marked by musk deer, leopard, black bear, cheer pheasants, ghoral, porcupine and gothu. Also make it a point to visit the Kais Sanctuary, located just 16 km from Kullu to have a date with brown bear, barking deer, monal, cheer pheasant and other fascinating varieties of wildlife.

Tourists can also go for trout fishing at Karrian, which can be included in the Wild Tours in Kullu-Manali. The waters of Gobind Sagar are good for fishing. The fishing season is from 31 March to 31 October. They charge a nominal fee for fishing.

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