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Travel Tips in Kullu-Manali

Travel tips in Kullu-Manali will guide you to make your visit to Kullu-Manali most memorable and adventurous. Pre-departure planning is essential before going for a holiday. It is necessary to be in good health for fully enjoying the adventure options in Kullu-Manali. Also get necessary vaccination after consulting your doctor. If you are undergoing some medical treatment, then put your medicines in the bag first. Even though it may not be required, but for emergency purpose carry a first aid box, with some basic medicines to counter cold and fever. Carry some warm clothes as climate of Kullu-Manali is cold during the whole year.

Please go through these travel tips in Kullu-Manali. These are required for your safety during your visit to Kullu-Manali. From the last few years, many tourists have been reported missing in some dense valley areas. So do not travel alone or be in touch with your groups. Check the identity cards of tourists' guides before hiring them. Foreigners, who want to stay for long time should inform to the nearest police station. Keep your valuable items in lockers or safe deposits of hotels while embarking on excursions.

It is advisable to make all necessary reservations before reaching the place. Otherwise some touts may take you for a ride. If you are planning to travel during peak season, then beforehand reservations are a must. Otherwise, chaos after reaching here may spoil your joy. For safe and affordable trips, it is advisable to go to government-recognized travel agents. There are some hotels and guesthouses, which are registered with government.

If you are hiring a private taxi for excursion tours, then ask for a well-trained driver. Check the driving license and other necessary documents of the driver. Do not to drive on your own. But if you are planning to drive, then hire a guide. Drive slowly while passing through valleys, mountains and round turns. During monsoon season, some parts of the road are not in good condition, so precaution is of most importance.

To maintain the eco-friendly nature of Kullu-Manali, do not throw polythene bags, water bottles or non-biodegradable items everywhere. Deny taking polybags from shopkeepers. If you are using mineral water, then carry a water container instead of purchasing mineral water bottle every time. You can put water-purifying tablets in these containers. This travel tips in Kullu-Manali will help to preserve the eco-friendly environs of Kullu-Manali.

Last Updated On: 2011/07/07