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Adventure Tourism in Mandi

Mandi is a small city which lies at the foothills of the Shivalik range of the Himayalas. The location of this little town makes it a great spot for adventure tourism. Adventure tourism in Mandi has gained importance in the recent years due to its thick forest cover, picturesque hills and the splashing waters of the river Beas. Mandi offers an ideal location for all kinds of adventure sports.

One such place for adventure Tourism in Mandi is Sundernagar, a small town at the edge of the valley. It is located at a height of over one thousand metres and has some of the tallest trees found in the state. The climate is colder and the tree cover makes this an ideal spot for adventure lovers to go on a nature trail. Many species of birds are seen and the walk through the trees is an amazing adventure, since walking through the dense forest and rappelling down the rocky cliff is very challenging.

The hikers have an exciting challenge at Janjehli, located about two hours journey from Mandi, which offers treks up to 3000 metres. As the entire road is not motorable, the last part of the journey has to be covered on foot through a thick forest. Another trek from Janjheli takes you through these forests to the temple of the Shikari Devi. This temple devoted to the goddess is said to have been built at the time of the Pandavas and is roofless.

For those interested in angling and fishing have to travel to the Himalyan trout house which is about 5 hours from Mandi, at the Tirthan valley. The Himalayan trout house is a fun stop where all the tourists meet, exchange information about different adventure sports and even have barbeques. There is good trout fishing option in the river bed here, making all those coming for adventure tourism in Mandi rather satisfied.

A visit to the hydroelectric power station at Jogindernagar is nothing short of an adventure. A trolley takes you up the rocky cliff to a height of about 2500 metres. This is an exciting journey. To see the valley from this height makes you literally feel on top of the world. The lush green trees, the city on the banks of the Beas, and the hills all around are a splendid sight. The trolley then drops down to the other side to Barot, where the reservoir is located.

Mandi, along with many surrounding towns, is a nice place for all adventure lovers, as Himachal has a good mix of forests, rivers, rocky cliffs and mountains for all adventure sports.

Last Updated On: 2011/07/07